Our Story

My name is Kara and I wear many hats but my two favorites are wife (to Ryan) and momma (to Caroline and Duncan). We have two dogs, Pepe and Scout, who don't make it into pictures as often as they once did. I also write for local magazines as a freelancer. We are Mississippi natives living in Greenville, South Carolina where Ryan is a resident in the internal medicine and pediatrics program at Greenville Health System. We love exploring our new home!

I'm passionate about adoption (our beautiful daughter was adopted in September 2015) and love sharing the story of God's work in our lives of overcoming years of fertility issues and loss with the blessing of two precious babies. In October 2016 Duncan was diagnosed with epilespy due to polymicrogryia. PMG is a rare brain abnormality which literally means his his gryia (brain lumps) are too small "micro." It's a scary diagnosis that could mean any level of developmental delay and that he is considered "medically complex." All new terms to me! If you're the praying sort, please keep lifting him up. We have seen the hand of God in Duncan's little life from the very beginning and are confident that Duncan's story will bring God glory.

In my {almost unheard of} free time I also enjoy cooking, gardening, horseback riding, walking with friends, planning trips, reading and making cheese. I have a twin sister who is amazing and blogs here and a brother who doesn't blog but is equally awesome. This blog is a tiny glimpse into our life - please don't mistake it for real life. My house is usually a mess and I really dislike cleaning! I started this blog when we lived in a white house with red roof - thus the name - and it has stuck even though we now live a brown cottage with a grayish colored roof. Happy reading!