Sunday, August 6, 2017

Five for Friday

Is it just me or does the week after vacation always seem extra busy? We hit the ground running this week with therapy appointments, playing with friends and prepping for Ryan's fellowship interviews. Days with toddlers seem to be spurts of messy activity and craziness and then complete calm when they nap. The house gets cools and dark and they wake up calm and snuggley. Its amazing, though, how fast those two hours go by. My plans to catch up on reading or the laundry or start on supper usually don't happen. Especially if I put my feet up, I'm out like a light too.

Some highlights of the week...

1. Brady!!! My nickname for our friends Crady and Brad who visited Greenville this week with their three kiddos. Caroline and Semmes hit it right off at the zoo and she talked about "Semmes and the lions" all week long.

First time in the reptile house at the zoo. I always skip this since slimy creeping creatures freak me out! 

Duncan couldn't get over someone new being beside him in the stroller!

On their last day in town we met them at McPherson Park for putt-putt. It's fun living somewhere where people come to vacation!

2. We had drinks and supper (sans kiddos!) at Up On The Roof with Brady and Louise and Jay. Crady introduced me and Louise earlier this summer when she moved here from Memphis. Jay's from Mississippi and they both went to college in Jackson so we had fun making who-we-knew-in-common connections. I had the lobster roll which was amazing and the sunset skyline view never disappoints. 

3. I've been going to hot yoga for a couple of months and really love it. Soul Yoga is doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge where you try to complete 25 classes in the 30 days of August. I've made it the first five days of August, and it's been tough! But worth it - I can already tell I'm stronger and can get deeper into the poses.

4. Thursday night I co-hosted a "sprinkle" for Jordan who is expecting her second baby boy next month. It was so fun and made me really love the way we've re-arranged the living room. The whole house just flows better. 

I used this recipe to make blueberry mojitos (both the cocktail and mocktail versions) and they were fabulous. Even though they were purple and not blue! I found the same straws as in the recipe at Target!

5. And big news on the Duncan front! The specialist's office we've been waiting to see in Seattle called and we should have a date to go in within the next two weeks. I'm sure it will still be a couple of months out, but we originally though we'd be on a waiting list for over a year. This is the only physician in the world who solely studies brain abnormalities like polymicrogyria. Although I'm curious to see what he's going to say, there's no denying that Duncan is doing fabulous. He's working on crawling and can just about pull himself up to sit without any assistance. His physical therapyist says that walking won't be near the challenge for him that crawling has been because his arms and legs are so strong. It's just his core that is most effected by his low muscle tone. And crawling is so important for brain development and hand-eye coordination. So we want him to crawl for as long as possible and definitely not skip it! We've all been doing a lot of crawling around the house!

At the dirty Swamp Rabbit Cafe playgound - everyone's favorite - we met up with Ole Miss friends who have moved here for fellowship. So excited to have the Rush family around. Sadly, we didn't take any pictures! 

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