Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Weekend of Birthdays

Ryan and I both had birthdays this weekend so by the end of the weekend candles were old news and Caroline was saying it was "Caroline's burf-day." I told her she had to wait a month and half!

We celebrated Ryan on Friday with a seven layer chocolate cake (the recipe is here if you're interested). I ran out of icing and didn't ice the sides but kind of like the way it turned out.

Saturday was the much-celebrated Day Between Our Birthdays which I use as an excuse to extend our birthday fun. I went to yoga and then we all went to the Y to play tennis (where I won our match 6-2; 6-4!). Ryan may have been going easy on me and/or have a hurt shoulder, but I'll take the win! I can't play tennis on a Saturday morning and not think about the day Caroline was born - we got THE CALL when we were on the courts and rushed home to change before going to the hospital. This weekend also had a hint of fall in the air just like September.

We lounged around the rest of the day. I finally started the book that I bought for our road trip and never opened it on the beach. Looking back, it was probably highly optimistic thinking I'd be able to sit on the beach and read! It's Liane Moriarty's "The Last Anniversary." A few chapters in and it's as good as all her others!

Does anything say lazy day like cake and prosecco with a good book? 

Sunday morning these two greeted me with the best snuggles and Caroline said "Mama's birthday" as soon as she saw me! I think Ryan must have prepped her well.

We took advantage of the cool weather and went on a long bike ride.

We made it downtown to Port City Java. Ryan was a little surprised when I informed him that we could stop for iced coffee since I had my credit card. In his world, bikes rides should be long and fast and not include stops for pictures and coffee.

He said I'm as frustrating on my birthday as any other day :-)

We made a trip to IKEA in Charlotte and discovered that the end of summer when dorm room shoppers are out in force is probably not the best time to go!

It was a mad house, but we found a few cute things.

It still feels like vacation when everyone wears their Outer Banks t-shirts. And ended the day with one last round of cake and candles.

By this point, Duncan is over it all and just wants to drink his bottle in peace.

I've always heard that your 30s are the best decade. So far, I'd have to agree!

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