Wednesday, August 2, 2017

14 & 22 Months

Caroline is only two months from two! And Duncan is two months into one year. Yikes! They are both in really fun stages are are constantly making up games. My favorite is the "shake, shake." Duncan will start shaking his head quickly back and forth and smiling and then look at Caroline and she'll do it back to him. The more the other person shakes their head, the more he will and then get more and more tickled by it. He even did it with my mom on Facetime. It's adorable!

Caroline is talking up a storm and just repeats everything she hears. She's very into boo-boos and yesterday started telling me she had a boo-boo on her knee. She'd go, "Caroline boo-boo knee. I so saw-wee." Apparently, my response to her boo-boos of, "I'm so sorry," just got tacked onto the end of all statements about boo-boos. She is also amazing at handling my iPhone. The other morning we were Facetiming with my mom and she goes, "Siggi, see Bubba" and turned the phone around and then proceeded to give Siggi the perfect view of Duncan!

Her independence is staggering and she can now climb into the car and up into her carseat by herself. And then click the top buckle!

In their OBX souvenir t-shirts. The sweetness just kills me.

At 22 months, Caroline is pure sweetness and cuddles. Especially in the morning. She's like her daddy and likes to wake up slowly. She needs to sit awake in her bed for a bit before she's ready to greet they day.

She's also discovered the concept of jumping and can't jump enough!

Very proud of her "c - cell" at the beach!

Some funny things Caroline is saying at the moment...

"You go with me" anytime she thinks I'm about to go somewhere (even just into another room).

If I do leave the house, she assumes it's for yoga. She told a babysitter the other day that "Mama yoga" and then when I'm about to walk out the door she'll say "Mama come right back."

Into buckling and then "open please" So polite!

Already a negotiator. As soon as she realizes we are putting on shoes to get in the car, she starts asking for "Caroline's songs." Ryan has a firm rule that in his car it's only Dada's songs.

Still saying "thank you Caroline" a lot but mostly just when it's something she thinks (knows) she shouldn't be doing like handing Duncan back his bottle (after she took it) or

She loves her rocking chair and it's moved from the porch to the living room. She knows which sippy cups are her's and which are Duncan's. She loves to put on "Mama's lotion" but then just carries it around with her hand outstretched.

We are working on leaving her "pie" (paci) in the crib and just having it for nap time and bedtime. It's no big deal when we leave the house but if she sees it oh my goodness the drama is real. We're into the second week of this and overall it's gone okay. Duncan's speech therapist suggested he didn't really need to use it during the day, if possible, and so it seemed like a good time to stop using them during the day. And it's made my day easier in not trying to keep up with where they are all the time!

Nursery time - for some reason the YMCA is so much harder for her than other nurseries. She starts crying before I leave. This week when I went to pick them up, I saw Duncan happily playing on the floor and Caroline's foot sticking out of the stroller. They told me she cried until they put her back in the stroller and then she was content to just wait right there. She was going to be ready to go when mama came back! She does great at my Bible study, but it's a much smaller group and I think less intimating to her.

Eating - her favorites are still eggs, blueberries, oranges and sweet potatoes. She also loves chicken and calls all meat chicken. She calls chocolate a "special treat" and I've had to be careful not to refer to anything else as a special treat or she is very disappointed!

Sleeping - still my champ in this department. Every once in awhile she'll resist bedtime just a bit but usually conks out before she can get worked up about it. She loves "talking" to Duncan and we can always tell when he stops responding to her antics, she'll get upset.

Ducky is still the favored object but she also loves her elephant, blanket and black sheep (he's actually white) and her favorite song remains "Ba-Ba Black Sheep."

Now onto to Duncan Doodle...

At 14 months, Duncan is still my cuddle bug and I'm holding onto all the baby bits for as long as possible! He's using a bottle and sippy cup. He eats everything!

Says "daa" for dog, has said "ball" and "bubbles." If he's real upset he'll say "mama." 

Don't eat around Duncan if you don't want to share, he gets down right mad when there's food around and he's not eating it. I have no idea where this trait comes from...

Duncan loves our family bike rides and he and Caroline will smile at each other the whole time.

We do therapies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with PT and OT twice each, speech therapy, feeding therapy and early intervention. All this is making such a difference. He's gotten arm braces that have helped him turn his arms out, open up his hands and increase shoulder strength. He now claps with hands wide open and is working on a pincher grasp. In PT he's working on getting up into the seated position by himself. He has the strength; just needs to get the coordination down. The same issues with crawling. He's so close and can do it with assistance for a short distance. Becky, his physical therapist, says he'll have a much easier and faster time walking because his legs are strong enough but crawling is so important for hand-eye coordination and other mental developments. I've learned to let go of my timeline and just realize he's going to reach his milestones in his own time. Easier said than done!

He loves balls, trains, the pool and playing peek-a-boo. And Bouncing Babies at the library.

Every so often, nap time is a struggle, and he's usually up before Caroline. We've dropped his morning nap over the last month and that's greatly helped him sleep two hours in the afternoon.

Treasuring these days because they are going by too fast!

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