Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Warren's Wedding in Asheville

As I've mentioned, my cousin Warren got married this past weekend in Asheville, and I've got quite a few photos to share...

Friday afternoon we all started gathering at the hotel in Biltmore Village. On our way into town we stopped and at at the Juicy Lucy. It was as delicious as the name sounds, all the hamburgers are stuffed with cheese and then grilled. Very juicy!

Duncan and Poppy may be the two most prayed for children out there! Poppy has always been the one of Sis' girls to gravitate towards Duncan and it was extra sweet to see them both so healthy and playing with each other.

And he thought it was pretty cool that she wanted to play with him! We hired babysitters (our sweet sitter drove over both nights from Greenville which was a total peace of mind thing for me!) and the adults went to the Rehearsal dinner at the Asheville Capitol Club. The view was amazing.

West took this picture and I can't wait to tease him about the pole coming out of Ryan's head. He's studying videography at SCAD and pole-coming-out-of-head is a Photography 101 rule :-)

The beautiful bride-to-be, Lainie! She had her grandmother's wedding dress cut down and re-made for her rehearsal dinner dress.

The toasts were sweet and Warren and Lainie were just adorable. They've bought a house in Asheville and I'm so excited to have them close by.

There's no sleeping in when you have two little ones with very strong internal clocks. I drank entirely too much coffee Saturday morning visiting with everyone as they got up and came down to the lobby. We had breakfast and then went on a walk through Biltmore Village. The rest of the day was spent visiting on the hotel's garden patio.

An afternoon thunderstorm threatened to uo-do the outdoor wedding plans but it cleared up just in time. Even though they weren't going to the wedding, we got the smallest children dressed up for a family photo. The last one we have of all of us is the day we told everyone we were expecting a baby!

Camille and Duncan -- she was ready to be picked up and I think he's trying to comfort her (although it does look like he's pulling her ear!)

The ceremony and reception were at Lake Eden on Black Mountain and the perfect setting. The mountains in the background are known as the Seven Sisters - a range of mountains that stretch above Montreat and Black Mountain, North Carolina and ascend to Graybeard Mountain.

The happy couple!

My parents with their long-time friends, Ruth and Johnny. Many of my favorite (and earliest) childhood memories involve these two!

Catching lightening bugs!

Net and Renie with their oldest great-grands. These two innocent looking girls attempted to build a of the waitresses came up to Margaret and me quite concerned about the sticks and lanterns!

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