Thursday, July 6, 2017

#TBT to July 4ths in G'ville

The 4th of July is extra sentimental to me because last year it was the first holiday that Caroline and Duncan shared. It was such a sweet time as a family and looking back I can see that God was preparing Ryan and I for the tough months to come. I started looking back at our 4th pictures from last year and then just couldn't stop! And then from the year before when we'd just started the adoption process and then to the year before that when we'd just moved here and were in the midst of struggling with our infertility options.

God's grace is so good...

Brand new South Carolina residents and medical resident in 2014. I was so nervous about how the year was going to go! We went downtown and watched the fireworks from the Reedy River. Jennie and I had spent the day picking blueberries and stand up paddle-boarding. This was the beginning of intern year and Jennie and I spent every holiday that year together including Christmas Day! 

In 2015 again downtown watching the fireworks after having a cookout at our house with Abby and Ryan Dean. We'd decided on adoption and were exploring agencies...that week or the next I talked to two different friends of friends who suggested Special Links.

And then the very next year we had TWO precious babies! Duncan was not quite eight weeks old and it was really our first time to go out and do anything at night. We took a pack 'n play, Moses basket and a whole car full of thing things to spend a few hours at Julia and Eric's house!

Caroline was just learning to crawl around. Our residency friends are just the best. All the people in the above photos love our children so much. Rob, in the black shirt, and his wife Tori, both cared for Duncan when he was in the hospital. I knew they were all great physicians, but it's different when you see them caring for your child. These folks are some of Duncan's biggest cheerleaders! I was reminded of a recent passage I read in Linda Dillow's Calm My Anxious Heart...

The crooked times are difficult, not just because they're crooked but because we can't see how God is working. But those are the times that require faith. Remember, God is fitting things together even when we can't see. It just doesn't feel as good or as safe. The book of Ecclesiastes encourages us to rejoice when life is easy and to trust God when it isn't. "Consider the work of God, for who is able to straighten when He has bent? In the day of prosperity be happy, but in the day of adversity consider - God has made the one as well as the other so that man may not discover anything that will be after him." (Ecclesiastes 7:13-14, NASB)

#TBT to past July 4ths...2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

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