Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scenes from the Weekend

Yesterday while browsing my Facebook feed I saw where our neighbor's son who was born the day we moved into our house in Jackson turned 10 years old. It made me realize how much I miss our eclectic mix of Belhaven friends and neighbors. But also how glad I am to be living in Greenville. As Ryan has started his last year in residency, it's a little unnerving to not be sure where we'll be living next year at this time! And it's made us extra aware of how much we want to treasure this time with our residency framily!

Friday afternoon Shoe and Heather came over with their little ones. Heather's husband has recently purchased a '79 Jeep and the boys had fun crawling in it.

We had a few friends over for hamburgers and fried okra that evening.

Hop was so excited to see the ducks. He and Caroline quickly moved on from trying to pet the ducks to playing in the duck pool. The ducks, wisely, stayed out of the way and were trying to be as invisible as possible.

Ryan gave a reading of the Gruffalo that was theater worthy. Complete with the cowboy hat that goes on our big stuffed horse.

Saturday morning Duncan and I enjoyed some porch time while the rest of the house was sound asleep. I do love having an early bird who is so happy to just be in the morning (after that initial bottle!).

Must be where the yoga pose 'happy baby' comes from! I'm 100% positive I don't look this cute doing happy baby.

I've had Scotch eggs a couple of times recently and it's been on my must-try cooking list. Saturday morning seemed like the perfect time to give the Irish pub fare a go. A Scotch egg is basically a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in bacon, breaded and then fried. What's not to love about that, right? I used this recipe as a guide but used panko since that what was in the pantry!

After we were all sufficiently stuffed we headed out for a bike ride around the neighborhood. The girls' bike is much slower than the boys', but we stop for selfies which means we must be having more fun!

I went to yoga during naptime and late in the day met friends at the White Duck Taco Shop. You'd never know it from the blue sky in this picture, but we sat in the car for a good 20 minutes waiting for a huge thunderstorm to pass. Caroline has yet to see a puddle that doesn't need to be splashed.

Our friends introduced us to the dog hotel in the same development as the restaurant. The Noble Dog was quite entertaining!

We had a lazy Sunday and Ryan snapped this cute picture of Duncan.

We needed to avoid the germy nursery at church since we have a big week getting ready for Warren's wedding and so we headed out for a day of retail therapy. And since it's after the 4th of July, Ryan feels like it's basically duck season and we needed to get ready by making Cabela's our first stop where he bought Caroline a pair of camo overalls and himself a duck call.

And the sweetest sight in the word!

We checked out the new Lowes Foods in Simpsonville. It takes grocery shopping to a whole new level - they brew their own beer, had every food option you could imagine and the groceries were no more expensive than Publix. We all had fun!

This sweet girl! She goes so hard and so fast all day long and is so ready for bed at seven o'clock each evening. She's starting asking to "rock a minute" before bed and always requests "Ba-ba Black Sheep" for her song.

And little man Duncan is getting just as attached to his lovies as his sister. If Caroline starts fussing after the nursery door is shut, it's because Duncan has fallen asleep while she's trying to make him laugh.

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