Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our 4-day Fourth of July & Cherry Pie

We starting celebrating Independence Day on Saturday and kept it up for four straight days. I am celebrated out and feel like it should be the weekend! Ryan worked his last 28-hour shift on Friday into Saturday. He got a little bit of sleep when he got home we headed to Travelers Rest. It's been awhile since we've been to the farmer's market there, and it's much more low-key than Greenville's. Just as overpriced though, so we didn't buy any vegetables! But we had fun looking around.

We did a fireworks craft at the kids' table that involved black paper, glue, straws and white, blue and red glitter. I love a good craft!

Next up was a visit to the TR Feed & Seed. This store is more fun than the zoo! There's a parrot named Rosco, a pig named Pickles, chickens, doves, guanine pigs and rabbits. And, of course, ducks!

Duncan found a baby chick that he found fascinating.


The ducks were outside and when we heard that they were the same batch as the baby ducks we got back in May, we knew we'd be leaving with some. It's a good thing Ryan and I are both such animal lovers!

We got them home, and Caroline immediately started calling them "Caroline's baby ducks." She hasn't seemed to notice that they are five times the size of the baby ducks that met a rather unfornate end.

Lunch on the patio is always so much easier clean up than lunch inside. 

After naptime we went Birds Fly South. It's a newish craft beer brewery that's not too far from our house. We honestly weren't that impressed with the beer we tried (I rarely like beer anyway), but LOVED the White Duck Taco Shop next door. It's a local chain that began in Asheville, and the tacos were amazing. We tried the Korean bulgogi beef, duck with mole and Bangkok shrimp.

Sunday morning we made it to early church! Our church does a great patriotic display with a presentation of the colors by Boy Scouts, amazing music and flags everywhere.

That afternoon we made it to the Drive game and saw a few people parachute into the stadium! And there was a flyover for their military appreciation day.

Not sure about this face - but she wasn't screaming...just excited!

Monday was a pretty chill day with therapy early but then a lot of playing outside and with friends in the neighborhood. 

On Tuesday morning I took Caroline and Duncan to pick blueberries at Blue Berry Hill Farms. We (and by 'we' I mean me because I think Caroline picked one blue berry and then lost interest!) picked half a gallon. I'm going to have to go back for more, but my little helpers were over it! 

I bought a bag of cherries last week and decided we needed a patriotic dessert. What's more Fourth of July than cherry pie? I've been inspired to bake more thanks to binge watching the Great British Bake-off. I used Martha Stewart's Classic Cherry Pie with Butter Crust recipe, but combined the method with Julia Child's in her Mastering the Arts of French Cooking.

I took Caroline & Duncan to our friends' the Buchanan's house for a little fourth of July fun. Caroline was confused - her friend down the street is Charlie, and her mom's name is Caroline. This friend (pictured below is also Caroline whose daddy's name is Charlie). She kept saying, "Caroline's friend Charlie?"

Ryan got off work a little earlier than expected and we headed over to Julia and Eric's house for their cookout. Last year when we went Caroline was crawling and Duncan was so tiny! Caroline stayed up until 11 p.m. and totally enjoyed the food, games and fireworks. 

Duncan with Julia -- I love that their hair matches. Sweet boy got arm splints at OT this week, and it's been a rough couple of days for him.

And nothing makes a girl feel as good as busting through a lawn chair. They assured me it was really old...

Happy Fourth!!!

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