Monday, July 17, 2017

Five for Friday

We had the most fabulous weekend celebrating my cousin's wedding in Asheville and spending time with my extended family (to count I think there were 29 of us) and friends. But before I get into all that, I want to document last week. Caroline and Duncan are developing so fast and it's crazy how much they change week to week.

1. Friend's toys are always more fun! When Caroline learned she was going to Ollie's house, she couldn't get in the car fast enough.

Ollie's moved on to a toddler bed and Caroline thought it was super fun.

Duncan didn't think it was so fun when she tried to share Ollie's chair with him.

2. Paint night! Jennie organized a girls' night out for our Side by Side group at Uptown Arts and it was so fun. I realized how much I do miss painting and hope to get back out my art supplies at some point in the near future.

Sweet friends Abby and Jennie.

3. As I've mentioned, we had a family weekend in Asheville and Net got there early in the week. Caroline, Duncan and I drove to Asheville on Thursday for lunch with Net. We ate fried green tomatoes at the Sunny Point Cafe. Highly recommend it!

He's a ham.

4. A few weeks ago I applied to be part of a launch team for the newest book of one of my favorite authors, Melanie Shankle. The book, Church of the Small Things, comes out in October. I haven't started it yet, but will promptly report when I do!

This girl gets her love of books honestly. It warms my heart to walk in and see her sitting on the sofa with a book.

5. I posted this picture of Caroline in the park on Instagram and someone told me at first they thought it was an ad for Starbucks! She's definitely cute enough!

And, finally, a #TBT picture to celebrate Warren's nuptials. He's the little guy in red.

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