Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Fun

It's so nice when Monday morning comes, and I feel refreshed and ready for the week. Our weekend was the perfect fix of fun and rest. Ryan got a big presentation almost finished and I got to read a few chapters in my book that is now way overdue it's 14-day loan from the library. Must renew today!

Friday night we hired a babysitter (we love Sarah!) and went out to eat and then to see the Lion King Broadway Play at the Peace Center. It was fantastic!

We walked from Stewart Penick's Terrace on South Main to the Peace Center which is just a couple of blocks, but the weather went from sunny to a drenching rain. We were soaked by the time we got to the Peace Center and spent the first half of the show shivering. But by intermission we were dry enough for a decent picture. 

The show was fabulous and something I've wanted to see for a long time. The costumes were amazing! And now I want to watch the Disney movie again!

Saturday morning these two didn't get the memo that it would be nice to sleep in and were both awake by 6 a.m. Which is earlier than normal - usually they sleep until 7 a.m. We loaded up on the bikes and road down the Swamp Rabbit Trail to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery. This, I'd guess, is Greenville's most popular Saturday morning spot for families with young children. Duncan was over it all before it started - he's getting two teeth in and was fussy all day long on Saturday. He's also coming off a seizure medicine so we don't know if that's made him feel bad as well. 



Little man perked up as soon as he got some carbs -- I wonder who he gets that from?

Swamp Rabbit really is amazing -- but I could never afford to grocery shop there. The eggs are about $1 each. That's like eating the Golden Egg at Easter :-)


Not to thrilled to be getting back in the bike seat. We took a short cut home and Duncan took a great nap!


Caroline was a happy camper in her seat and kept telling me "I see tree" or "I see dog."

After naps we checked our Greenville's newest grocery store, Lidl. It was fabulous and I bought five different types of European cheese. 



Caroline polished off my ice cream cone when we got home...




We had an early bed time and then Ryan and I grilled out steaks and watched a movie. I ate entirely too much cheese and couldn't finish my steak!


Sunday morning we celebrated Father's Day...Ryan pictured with his new pajama pants, mug finger-painted by Caroline and Duncan and matching socks for him and Duncan. 


Caroline and I made it to church and she lasted about 20 minutes before going to the nursery. She was quiet as a church mouse during the hymns and then as soon as the first long prayer started she started talking about "where dada? where bubba?"..."ducky...pie???"

After naptime we went to the pool and ran into a couple of friends. Ryan was so impressed with what all Caroline learned during her swim lessons this spring. She's fearless and would get a running start and then jump off the side into his arms! It's terrifying to watch. 



Hope you approach your week with as much gusto as this little fireball!

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