Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tales from the lake: boating, waterskiing & tubing

The lake is my happy place and some of my favorite memories involve cousins, ski boats and lazy summer days on Lake Sardis. There are three lakes within an hour drive of us and they are all beautiful. Lake Jocassee feeds Lake Keowee which then feeds Hartwell. So even though it wasn't a hot day, the water was warm since it's sat for awhile in Jocassee. Ryan and I have canoed on Jocassee, and Jennie and I went stand up paddle boarding at Keowee our first summer of residency, but there's nothing quite so nice as cruising around the lake on a ski boat. Our friends, Kati and Wil, upgraded their sailboat for a ski boat last fall. Last weekend our babies' and work schedules finally aligned so that we were all able to go out.

We quickly decided it was way more fun to have friends with a boat than to actually be in charge of the boat! We had an absolute blast and I skied for the first time in nearly three years! I hope I never go that long without water skiing again. The weather was slightly overcast which was perfect with three small people on board. We stayed way longer than originally planned.


Duncan and his buddy Austen waiting to load up. We've moved Duncan to a bigger car seat in my car, but his old one is still in Ryan's. The carrier is awfully convenient at times!

Keowee is one of three mountain lakes in our area. It's the biggest and just beautiful nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are amazing lake houses surrounding the water. 









I jump at any chance to water ski. I'm proud to say that I go up on my first attempt both times I tried. I am incredibly sore and can't believe I used to could ski all afternoon and not be sore (and it not be at all painful even over rough water!).

Caroline tubed with Ryan and she was incredibly brave. She smiled the whole time and never seemed to get scared! 

Ryan talked me into tubing and I was scared silly -- mainly because his goal was to flip us. Ryan drove the boat while Kati and Wil tubed and then he took just Wil for a loop and tried to get him off. Wil never came off, but said he was going to be feeling it for at least a week. 


Duncan took a great nap on the boat. Nothing like being rocked to sleep!

Love my boat babies and so glad they seemed to love the boat. Life's just better at the lake!

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