Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Downtown Summer Fun, Dog B'day & Farm Tour

I love this time of year when it's not too hot and not too cold and we can just pack up the stroller and head out until nap time. On Saturdays when Ryan's working I like to go to the Downtown Farmers Market and then storytime at M.Judson's bookstore. We pack up the stroller with sunscreen, snacks, swimsuits, and toys and head out.

First stop was the downtown market with our friends Caroline and Charlie.

Because they are basically now the same size, people automatically assume C and D are twins when they are in the stroller. It's really cute. After a quick stop at the market, we moved on to story time.  

Duncan says his mama likes to have his name on his clothes - no need for the name tag the story teller handed out! A highlight of this story time is that the bakery, the Chocolate Moose, inside the story hands our mini-muffins. 


I can't pass up a good board book and since Caroline basically destroyed one of the counter displays, I felt called to purchase an item. Goodnight Mr. Darcy is adorable and I'm now re-watching Pride and Prejudice because one can never watch too much Colin Firth.

Getting back to the weekend! After the cupcakes, we walked over to the Reedy River and ate lunch at Papi's Tacos and then let the babes play in the splash pad. 


Our neighborhood is super fun, and there have been signs all over in the last few weeks that look like a missing dog flyer but actually say "Not Missing Come to My Birthday Party." The owners of 15-year old dog, Madison, invited all the neighborhood dogs to a gigantic birthday party. There was a band, hot dogs, bubbles, face painting, corn hole and a birthday cake! There was even a guy hired for security (with the big black t-shirt and muscles and all). I asked him if he was there to keep out the cats??? He just laughed. Scout has really been missing Pepe (and keeps laying down on top of his grave) so it was fun to be able to take him to do something!



I'm learning so much about curly hair - mainly that it's the exact opposite of straight hair. Caroline's hair needs to be washed about once a week to not be frizzy. And then I brush it straight (it's all the way to her shoulder blades when straight!). She was pretty proud of her ponytail.

Sunday we took it easy and Ryan got home mid-morning. I went to yoga and then later in the afternoon we took part in the Upstate Farm Tour and went to Hurricane Creek Farms. They are a hydroponic farm (meaning all the produce is grown in water without soil). Since everything grows in green houses, they plant opposite of what traditional farmers are producing. So they plant tomatoes in November and wrap up harvest in July and now are planting lettuce and other greens since those tend to putter out when the weather gets warm.





Our farm tour made me what to go home and work in my own little garden...full of dirt and worms!

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