Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Old Dress & Duncan's First Haircut

Duncan's therapy schedule has changed a bit so Caroline and I now have two hours early on Friday morning to amuse ourselves downtown. Which is never a problem! We hit up the Starbucks in the Aloft Hotel, visited the rescue puppy in the lobby and then enjoyed our drinks on the patio. It's always crowded in the evenings, but we had it all to ourselves along with a great view of downtown.


Later that morning we met Ryan in the park for a picnic in Cleveland Park.


Friday evening we headed back downtown for NOMA square for the Main Street Fridays concert. This week it was a jazz band called Brown Sugar. They were fabulous, and Caroline loved watching all the kiddos at the children's area.

She's wearing one of my old dresses! Mammy made the dress and Net did the cross-stitching. I wish I had a picture of me wearing it! Isn't she just darling?



We ended the night at Oak Blue Kitchen and decided it's our new favorite happy hour spot. And the best barbecue we've had here!

Saturday morning Ryan convinced me that Duncan really needed a haircut. I have not wanted to cut his hair because boys always seems to look like little boys and not babies once they get that first cut. But he was approaching shaggy sheep dog status so I gave in. We went to Pigtails and Crewcuts and they definitely knew how to handle a crying baby. He screamed bloody murder through most of the experience. We started off sitting in a little fire engine truck but realized after about two seconds there was no way that was going to work! 


And the end result after a bath...


The hair dresser assured me she had tamed his cowlick, but it was sticking straight up again the next morning!

We ate lunch out at Zoe's and then headed back to our neighborhood for the Northgate Salon's market. There were a few vendors and farmer's selling peaches. Caroline and Tommy found this giant puddle to be more interesting than anything that was for sale!

That afternoon the sky looked like this...scary!


 We took it easy Saturday night and let Caroline stay up a little later than normal.  


Sweetest little snuggle bug! 

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