Friday, June 23, 2017

Five for Friday

We are full on in summertime mode around here and loving every minute of it. The rain has kept us from the pool this week, but we've been able to get out and enjoy the sun when it's come out! And my yard is loving all the rain. Here's some pictures from our week, if you're interested...

1. Fun at the zoo with my favorite two...

Monday morning we hit up the was Caroline's first time for us and her to spend more time out of the stroller than in it. Towards the end she was asking for a ride - always a good sign that naptime will be nice and long!


I'm in love with Duncan's little outfit here. Net calls it a 'mighty mite' basically little shorts with suspenders and a white Peter Pan collared shirt. After looking at these pictures, I do believe D man needs a haircut. We have that on our weekend to-do list. My only hesitation is that I've heard once a boy gets his first hair cut he looks like a little boy and not a baby?!?


2. Books, books, books...We signed up for the summer reading program, checked out the toilet training kit (full of books, dvds and a parents' guide to potty training) and finally made it back to Bouncing Babies at the library. The program takes a break in May and Tuesday morning was our first chance to go since then. It was amazing to see how much better Duncan is sitting up than the last time we went. I left him several times and walked across the room to get Caroline or talk to a friend and he just stayed sitting up and playing with the other crawlers/scooters. He was really watching exactly how that crawling thing was happening.


3. I'm always up for bringing a little whimsy our everyday lives. I've had an indoor fairy garden for years, but it got moved to the workshop after Caroline was born and I let the plants die. So I've been saving some supplies for a raining day project with hopes of attracting a fairy back into our home. (For you literal readers out there, yes, this is grandmother once asked me exactly where I got the fairy!) My children are way too young to get this activity - it was totally just for my own self-entertainment. I've loved the idea of fairy houses since Sis and I were looking at colleges and we stayed with a family friend whose daughter was all into fairies. We couldn't believe we hadn't even thought to be into fairies because we were so imaginative in our play worlds growing up. And then some friends in Belhaven actually built little fairy houses into their bookshelves (see pictures here). I totally geeked out about this the first time we were at their house for a Christmas party. I have no idea what our "forever" house will look like, but I'm certain it will have hidden fairy houses.




4. Each summer at the end of June Dr. Troupe and his wife throw a 'thank-you' party for all the ped and med-peds residents. He's one of only two pediatric neurosurgeons in the state (the other is in Charleston) so he always makes a point of saying that without amazing residents he could never have a night off. They are incredibly nice people and actually lived in Mississippi when he was in either medical or residency. We look forward to the party every year and this year it struck me how different our family is than the first one we attended four years ago!  


5. I've absolutely loved my new-to-me Insta Mini camera. I love a printed picture and this just reminds me of childhood and summer. Net had a Polarid camera when I was little and I remember receiving very strict instructions on not touching the picture while it developed. You no longer have to shake the picture during development and it's printed on smudge-free paper, but I can't help but shake each one out!


Hope you have a great weekend! 

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