Thursday, June 22, 2017

Caroline @ 20 Months

Technically, Caroline turned 21 months this week, but I've been working on this post for over a month now! That itself is a testament to how busy these days are - I seem to be going all the time and yet get almost nothing checked off my to-do list. But these days are so sweet, and I want to make sure to record them. A few months ago at Caroline's 18-month wellness visit her pediatrician warned me that children are the most dangerous to themselves between 18 and 24 months. They have new physical abilities, but have not been hurt enough yet to be cautious. This has come so true for us recently. In the last few days she's fallen off the sofa, pushed through the baby gate to fall off the porch unto the concrete, climbed up on the table and fallen off as I was trying to get her down (while not letting Duncan drown in the sink), slammed her fingers in drawers and run into walls, people and the dog.

Fortunely, she's not had more than a few bumps and bruises and is always quick to be smiling again. Her bright smile and joyful spirit light up our little world. Caroline has the happiest, sweetest, most joyful spirit of any child I've ever known. She rarely has trouble sleeping, but when she does and I go in the check on her she'll say, "rock a minute" and it just melts my heart. She'll just flatten herself on my chest and cling to me. We rock for way more than a minute. I just soak it up and can hardly make myself put her down.

She's never been one to love holding hands while walking (I think it's a balance thing), but recently she'll come up to me and say "hand mama" and grab my hand.

Caroline's verbal skills have just exploded in the last couple of weeks. She now talks all. day. long. She's the sweetest thing and if I say we're about to put on Caroline's shoes she immediately asks, "Bubba's shoes" like put shoes on Bubba too. She is quick to offer him all food off her plate and loves to "help" him hold his bottle.

She has the most adventurous spirit! The water fall at the Family Reunion was fascinating to her.

Always (or just about almost!) smiling. She loves the sun, the pool, the splash and the snacks that seem to always happen at the pool.

I have a Corkcircle water bottle that DeeDee gave me last summer. I carry it around everywhere and Caroline knows it's Mama's wa-wa. The other night she kept bringing it to me (unasked) and would say, "say tank-ou." Everytime I'd put it down, she'd hand it right back to me with "say tank-ou"  I may have said that a time or two to her!'

After a few weeks this morphed into "tank ew, Car-ro-line" at any and everything she hands us. And also has started saying, "Good job, Car-ro-line."

She always wants to try what Ryan or I are drinking and she'll say, "One sip" following immediately by "one sip." If it's something like Coke she'll attempt to drain the glass without coming up for air!

She is so coordinated and can do the steps going into the backyard by herself. She's obsessed with as she calls it, "go see Pepe" and so if I leave the back door open she'll go outside and see Pepe and try to give him water. She's figured out how to push the little gate to the dogs' part of the backyard so that she can slip through. (Obviously I wrote this before Pepe died...she's just about quite asking for him but has told me several times that Pepe's sleeping).

She still gives kisses by knocking foreheads. Duncan in the umbrella stroller is at just the perfect height for lots of kisses!

She plays so well by herself and is, overall, so gentle with Duncan. Although when she does get rough he loves it. She's know gotten into peek-a-boo with him when they are in their highchairs. I'll hand her the dishrag to wipe off with and she immediately starts holding it over her face and saying, "where's Caroline"...."there she is." Duncan cracks up everytime. Or she'll start going "peek-a-boo."

She's starting to get picky with eating, but she's so concerned that Duncan is eating something she is not that she'll ask for "one bite" and then realize she does like it. So she's finally eating most vegetables again! The other day I got her to drink a Naked Juice Green Power Booster drink by acting like I liked it. It was so hard to drink and say, "yuummm...mama's juice." She took one sip and wrinkled her nose and pursed her lips. Ryan about fell over he was laughing so hard. But she drank the whole dang cup!

Caroline loves her people. She absolutely loves Ollie (followed closely by his mama, aka Mama Shoe) and she got so excited last week when we met Hop at the playground. We are fortunate that on our street there are four girls within a few months of Caroline and Duncan. Duncan needs a guy friend on the street!

She loves to listen to me talk on the phone, but prefers Facetime. She loves to see her grandparents and great-grandparents and gets super excited to see her cousins. When my phone rings, she'll say, "DeeDee?" and usually that's right! Every time we see a train she calls in Uncle Thomas' train. It's hard to believe we are closer to two than to one.

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