Friday, June 16, 2017

5 for Friday

My goal for the summer has been to slow down. To take it easy and spend as many mornings as possible at the pool. To have more spontaneous play with friends, more walks to the park and just totally soak in this stage of parenthood and toddlerhood because it all is going by so fast. And I've found that if we all move on "toddler time" and not try to hurry, everything just goes smoother.

A few fun things from this week...
1. A new mode of transportation! We finally ordered and got Duncan's bike seat installed for his first birthday present. He knew immediately what it was and balanced his weight correctly right away. Caroline rode behind me, and I loved getting to watch Duncan's facial expressions during our cruise around the neighborhood one evening. He's using Caroline's old infant sized helmet and she's upgraded to a toddler-sized one.

2. One morning we went with friends to see the Butterfly Adventure Garden at Roper Mountain Science Center. There were hundreds of butterflies and they handed out little wooden sticks soaked in Gatorade. Caroline sucked all the Gatorade off hers, but we still managed to catch a few butterflys.

There were also other animals including some marine life, snakes, turtle, frogs and a bearded DRAGON!

My girl is so brave...


3. Wednesdays are tough days for us. We have speech therapy at 8 a.m. at Kidnetics; 10 a.m. physical therapy at home and then back to Kidnetics at 4 p.m. for occupational therapy. The plus side is that our new M/W/F therapy schedule has left Tuesday and Thursday wide open. At one point, we had at least one therapy every day of the week. Which meant we had to be dressed, somewhat on a schedule so Duncan would be well rested and ready to "work" during therapy. The house had to be somewhat clean because you have professionals coming that need to get on the floor and do their job.

So while Wednesday are tough on us schedule wise, it has also become my day for some good one-on-one time with Caroline. Especially now that we just drop Duncan off for his therapies at Kidnetics (he's gotten into that attachment phase with me and only wants me to hold him if I'm around and C is so distracting to him as well), we can go walk around downtown or find a playground nearby. We can walk to the library or just hang out in the lobby. We've made little friends there and I've learned more about special needs programs and resources just from talking to other mamas who are walking the walk than all the internet research could possibly offer.

A coffee for mama and a cup of water for Caroline. She was so proud of her plastic cup!

4. Ryan's 28-hour shifts are brutal for him and on the boring side for me. I love a night home alone every once in awhile but every fourth night is tough. So to that end I invited two friends whose husbands were also working over on Wednesday night and we had frozen pizza and wine. The kids played and we talked.

5. Hammock time...early morning playtime outside is my favorite. Typically Duncan wakes up before Caroline and he and I spend some time outside and then when he goes down for his morning nap Caroline and I head out. 

And my litmus test for how successful was out week? We made it to the pool two times.

Happy Friday!!! We have Lion King tickets tonight and I'm so excited to see it! 

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