Friday, June 9, 2017

5 for Friday

This week has been back to normal and also exhausting. In some ways driving for six hours is easy because at least I get to sit down! That does not happen until naptime or bedtime on most days. I spent most of Tuesday in the bed after taking Duncan to an appointment that morning. Fortunately, our friends the O'Neals were staying with us for a few days so I could leave Caroline behind to play. I went to hot yoga on Wednesday morning, had a massage on Thursday and then felt back to normal!

1. Sometimes it seems with therapy that we are just spinning wheels. That we do the same exercises for weeks on end and nothing changes. (Therapists call it hand-over-hand. Basically, Duncan's brain has to learn new pathways to do things that would come natural to a child without a brain injury). And then sometimes all he's learned just seems to click into place, and Duncan will make huge leaps all at once. That's what happened with rolling over and reaching for toys. Well this week it's like he's made another big leap. He signed for "more" during feeding therapy on Wednesday. And he's saying "ddaddd" and "dog" and "hey." Possibly also "ball." Like out of no where. Our new PT goal is crawling and he can do it with lots of assistance from Becky. And he's mastered the OT goal of holding onto the swing with both hands! This morning was the first time he placed his hands on the ropes completely on his own. I was busy trying to take a picture and realized he'd done it! All his therapists were blown away with all he's doing this week that he wasn't doing before we left on our trip. Just shows travel is good for everybody!


2. Gardening in the dark. If you don't need a headlamp, you don't get up early enough. It doesn't get light here until almost 6:30 a.m. - one of the down sides of being on the east coast. But at least it doesn't get dark in the summer until almost 10 p.m.


3. Blue Apron how I love thee. Because going to Bi-Lo is nerve racking for me. Especially since C has proven she's more than brave enough to jump from a moving grocery cart! 


4. We all miss Pepe, but Scout is enjoying being back inside for short periods of time (basically to be my vaccum). Duncan continues to like all other dogs but his own. And before his great-grandmothers call me over this photo, I picked Duncan right up after snapping the picture:-)


5. Summer goals = Pool time as much as possible

This girl is in the funest stage at almost 21 months. She's learned possessives and loves to point out "Dada's toes" and then "Caroline's toes." The other night she was going through her list for all of us and she says, "Mama's shirt" and points to me, then "Caroline's...[realizes she's naked and contemplates what to say for a second] TUMMY."

She also climbed - fully clothed and with shoes on - into the bathtub while Ryan was running the water. Funny and terrifying and the reason we did swimming lessons! There's a video on Instagram if you'd like to see. She blames it on dada...but it was all her.

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