Friday, June 30, 2017

Five for Friday

I can't say it enough, I LOVE summer! I love the heat, the humidity and the sun. I love that we tend to wear the t-shirts we slept in the night before and not get dressed until it's time to put on swimsuits for the pool. Usually we do some our activity in the morning and then hang out in the backyard or neighborhood park after nap time. We've had so much rain the past few weeks that we've been indoors more than usual. The plus side to this is that my flowers and vegetables are thriving.

Somehow June is at its end, and I have no idea how the month just seemed to fly by and July 4th is next week. And Ryan has just worked his last 28-hour overnight shift for the foreseeable future, so it's just going to get better. A few pictures from our week...

1. Pool and lunch with friends...

We hit up the pool with friends on Monday morning and then went to Sidewall Pizza for lunch on the patio. These two buddies are just the cutest. I'm not sure Ollie's adoration matches Caroline's for him, because she talks about Ollie (or his mama "Mama Shoe") all the time. The other day a car passed us that looked like Shoe's and Caroline proclaimed, "Ollie's car." I didn't even know she knew what their car looked like! Not pictured is Duncan's buddy, Hannah Beth, who slept through the whole lunch in her car seat! 

I'm obsessed with Duncan's new Ole Miss baseball cap. He looks so much like a little boy!

2. One evening Ryan's program director had us over to his house. He and his wife are so sweet to have the Med-Peds residents and their families over at the start of each residency year (July 1) and at Christmas. It's amazing to see how much C and D have changed just since Christmas. Caroline ran all over the yard with the "big kids" and made friends with someone's new puppy.

3. Naps and reading...

Duncan is just about ready to drop his morning nap. If he sleeps more than 30 minutes in the morning, then he won't nap well in the afternoon. I do love his afternoon cuddles and that he'll snuggle up and watch Poldark with me (season 2 is now out on Prime!), but some days I need them both to sleep two plus hours. So I think we'll drop it soon and maybe move afternoon nap time up a bit!

Caroline can not get enough of the Gruffalo book. It's so fun to read aloud, Ryan and I have decided that she's going to be a fan of scary movies when she's older. The book is about a little mouse who outsmarts the fox, owl and snake with his wit when they try to eat him by telling them he's about to meet the Gruffalo. He then convinces the Gruffalo to follow behind him and see that all the creatures in the wood are scared of the little mouse and that his favorite food is Gruffalo Crumble.

4. Walks and grocery shopping...

We walked with Pace and Olive one morning before it got too hot. Olive is just seven weeks old and so very precious. Although I think this stage with Caroline and Duncan is so much more fun and less exhausting than the newborn stage! Duncan loves a baby and baby doll. Caroline was way more interested in climbing on their front steps. Pace, the forever fitness instructor, incorporated leg lifts and butt pulses using our stroller bars as a barre into our walk. Complete with motivational music!

We ran to Bi-lo after for a few things...proof you shouldn't grocery shop hungry no matter your age. Caroline had a meltdown about eating what she calls "breakfast bars" (granola bars)...

5. Trying out a new pool...

Our YMCA membership gives us access to all the YMCA pools in the Greenville area. On Thursday we met Jennie at the pool closest to her. The baby pool was so nice, but I was so glad she was there because it would have been a little nerve racking by myself. I love that there was a grill where you could order lunch. We will definitely be going back!

A couple of weeks ago the life guard at our pool told me I looked like a wolf spider carrying my young on my back and with all the paraphernalia that a pool trip requires. I wasn't sure whether to be insulted or not! And I actually feel like I've got it streamed lined as much as possible! I push Caroline in the stroller loaded down and then wear Duncan in the Ergo.

This may be my new favorite picture of Caroline. I love her confident stride, her half smile, the adorable bonnet (that my grandmother made for me when I was her age), the rash guard and her pool shoes that she just adores).

How Duncan prefers to do the pool. Much like his daddy - just a different beverage choice :-)

Bonus Picture: These two are making such progress in the friend department!

And look what popped up in my Facebook memories the very next day...

A boy and his dog. And will still have that nasty squeaky ball that used to be lime green. If anything, it looks worse. Happy 4th Weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tales from the lake: boating, waterskiing & tubing

The lake is my happy place and some of my favorite memories involve cousins, ski boats and lazy summer days on Lake Sardis. There are three lakes within an hour drive of us and they are all beautiful. Lake Jocassee feeds Lake Keowee which then feeds Hartwell. So even though it wasn't a hot day, the water was warm since it's sat for awhile in Jocassee. Ryan and I have canoed on Jocassee, and Jennie and I went stand up paddle boarding at Keowee our first summer of residency, but there's nothing quite so nice as cruising around the lake on a ski boat. Our friends, Kati and Wil, upgraded their sailboat for a ski boat last fall. Last weekend our babies' and work schedules finally aligned so that we were all able to go out.

We quickly decided it was way more fun to have friends with a boat than to actually be in charge of the boat! We had an absolute blast and I skied for the first time in nearly three years! I hope I never go that long without water skiing again. The weather was slightly overcast which was perfect with three small people on board. We stayed way longer than originally planned.


Duncan and his buddy Austen waiting to load up. We've moved Duncan to a bigger car seat in my car, but his old one is still in Ryan's. The carrier is awfully convenient at times!

Keowee is one of three mountain lakes in our area. It's the biggest and just beautiful nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are amazing lake houses surrounding the water. 









I jump at any chance to water ski. I'm proud to say that I go up on my first attempt both times I tried. I am incredibly sore and can't believe I used to could ski all afternoon and not be sore (and it not be at all painful even over rough water!).

Caroline tubed with Ryan and she was incredibly brave. She smiled the whole time and never seemed to get scared! 

Ryan talked me into tubing and I was scared silly -- mainly because his goal was to flip us. Ryan drove the boat while Kati and Wil tubed and then he took just Wil for a loop and tried to get him off. Wil never came off, but said he was going to be feeling it for at least a week. 


Duncan took a great nap on the boat. Nothing like being rocked to sleep!

Love my boat babies and so glad they seemed to love the boat. Life's just better at the lake!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Old Dress & Duncan's First Haircut

Duncan's therapy schedule has changed a bit so Caroline and I now have two hours early on Friday morning to amuse ourselves downtown. Which is never a problem! We hit up the Starbucks in the Aloft Hotel, visited the rescue puppy in the lobby and then enjoyed our drinks on the patio. It's always crowded in the evenings, but we had it all to ourselves along with a great view of downtown.


Later that morning we met Ryan in the park for a picnic in Cleveland Park.


Friday evening we headed back downtown for NOMA square for the Main Street Fridays concert. This week it was a jazz band called Brown Sugar. They were fabulous, and Caroline loved watching all the kiddos at the children's area.

She's wearing one of my old dresses! Mammy made the dress and Net did the cross-stitching. I wish I had a picture of me wearing it! Isn't she just darling?



We ended the night at Oak Blue Kitchen and decided it's our new favorite happy hour spot. And the best barbecue we've had here!

Saturday morning Ryan convinced me that Duncan really needed a haircut. I have not wanted to cut his hair because boys always seems to look like little boys and not babies once they get that first cut. But he was approaching shaggy sheep dog status so I gave in. We went to Pigtails and Crewcuts and they definitely knew how to handle a crying baby. He screamed bloody murder through most of the experience. We started off sitting in a little fire engine truck but realized after about two seconds there was no way that was going to work! 


And the end result after a bath...


The hair dresser assured me she had tamed his cowlick, but it was sticking straight up again the next morning!

We ate lunch out at Zoe's and then headed back to our neighborhood for the Northgate Salon's market. There were a few vendors and farmer's selling peaches. Caroline and Tommy found this giant puddle to be more interesting than anything that was for sale!

That afternoon the sky looked like this...scary!


 We took it easy Saturday night and let Caroline stay up a little later than normal.  


Sweetest little snuggle bug! 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Five for Friday

We are full on in summertime mode around here and loving every minute of it. The rain has kept us from the pool this week, but we've been able to get out and enjoy the sun when it's come out! And my yard is loving all the rain. Here's some pictures from our week, if you're interested...

1. Fun at the zoo with my favorite two...

Monday morning we hit up the was Caroline's first time for us and her to spend more time out of the stroller than in it. Towards the end she was asking for a ride - always a good sign that naptime will be nice and long!


I'm in love with Duncan's little outfit here. Net calls it a 'mighty mite' basically little shorts with suspenders and a white Peter Pan collared shirt. After looking at these pictures, I do believe D man needs a haircut. We have that on our weekend to-do list. My only hesitation is that I've heard once a boy gets his first hair cut he looks like a little boy and not a baby?!?


2. Books, books, books...We signed up for the summer reading program, checked out the toilet training kit (full of books, dvds and a parents' guide to potty training) and finally made it back to Bouncing Babies at the library. The program takes a break in May and Tuesday morning was our first chance to go since then. It was amazing to see how much better Duncan is sitting up than the last time we went. I left him several times and walked across the room to get Caroline or talk to a friend and he just stayed sitting up and playing with the other crawlers/scooters. He was really watching exactly how that crawling thing was happening.


3. I'm always up for bringing a little whimsy our everyday lives. I've had an indoor fairy garden for years, but it got moved to the workshop after Caroline was born and I let the plants die. So I've been saving some supplies for a raining day project with hopes of attracting a fairy back into our home. (For you literal readers out there, yes, this is grandmother once asked me exactly where I got the fairy!) My children are way too young to get this activity - it was totally just for my own self-entertainment. I've loved the idea of fairy houses since Sis and I were looking at colleges and we stayed with a family friend whose daughter was all into fairies. We couldn't believe we hadn't even thought to be into fairies because we were so imaginative in our play worlds growing up. And then some friends in Belhaven actually built little fairy houses into their bookshelves (see pictures here). I totally geeked out about this the first time we were at their house for a Christmas party. I have no idea what our "forever" house will look like, but I'm certain it will have hidden fairy houses.




4. Each summer at the end of June Dr. Troupe and his wife throw a 'thank-you' party for all the ped and med-peds residents. He's one of only two pediatric neurosurgeons in the state (the other is in Charleston) so he always makes a point of saying that without amazing residents he could never have a night off. They are incredibly nice people and actually lived in Mississippi when he was in either medical or residency. We look forward to the party every year and this year it struck me how different our family is than the first one we attended four years ago!  


5. I've absolutely loved my new-to-me Insta Mini camera. I love a printed picture and this just reminds me of childhood and summer. Net had a Polarid camera when I was little and I remember receiving very strict instructions on not touching the picture while it developed. You no longer have to shake the picture during development and it's printed on smudge-free paper, but I can't help but shake each one out!


Hope you have a great weekend!