Monday, May 1, 2017


Greenville has got to be the most dog-obsessed town in the US. There are people with dogs everywhere. Most of the shops downtown have water bowls and bowls full of dog bones outside their doors. The restaurants with outdoor seating along the sidewalks always have a dog or two peeping out from the tables. So it should be no surprise that Greenville has South Caroline's largest dog-friendly race. My neighbor, Caroline, and I went with our littles and dogs on Saturday morning and had a blast (along with 2,000 other people and at least that many dogs!). The #yeahTHATmuttstrut raised over $108,000 for the Greenville Humane Society.

Scout was really happy to be included in this outing. He doesn't get to pal around as much as he used to these days! Not pictured is Caroline's dog, Totes, he's in the back of the car. 

Duncan and Charlie were born the same weekend at the same hospital by the same doctor. Caroline and I initially bonded over our dislike for said doctor even though we both agree she did an amazing job!

Pizza at 9:30 a.m. is always a good idea, right? Scout was hoping Caroline would share, but no such luck. She ate every bite.

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