Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sea View Inn on Pawleys Island

Don't you love it when random conversations with strangers pay off in a big way? Our supper at Sea View Inn was one of our top travel experiences - really it felt like time travel - and we can't wait to go back and stay there for a few days! The inn was built in 1937 and not much has changed. As in no TVs, no telephones and no air conditioning. The furniture made me feel like I'd walked back onto Mammy's (my great-grandmother) front porch. And the supper was amazing. It's served family style and was $20/person if you're not a guest. Three meals a day are included in your room price! The lady behind Palmetto Cheese, sold in Bi Lo stores here, works in the kitchen and cooked our meal. Ryan said they were the best collard greens he's ever had. We all had thirds. It's brown bag and when I made our reservation the host encouraged us to bring a bottle of wine and arrive in time for plenty of porch sitting to take in the view. There was a long line of rocking chairs on the porch along with a joggle board and checkers. Here are a few pictures if you'd like to see..


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