Wednesday, May 10, 2017

North Island and Winyah Bay

We spent last weekend poking around Pawleys Island on the Grand Strand. Between Myrtle Beach and Charleston on the SC coastline are a series of small coastal towns that all are gorgeous. I've got so many pictures to share but wanted to start with our favorite activity which was a lowcountry boat tour through Winyah Bay to North Island.  

The lighthouse was built in 1811 and is the oldest one on the South Carolina coast and one of the oldest in the country. We took Cap'n Rod's Lowcountry Tour from the Georgetown harbor to North Island through Winyah Bay. Jennie gave Duncan the book "Night, Night South Carolina" for his birthday and the book mentions the lighthouse and shows a Captain Rod pontoon type boat. The artist definitely got her inspiration for Captain Rover from Cap'n Rod. He told us he'd recently been interviewed by the History Channel and they'd described him as "full of Southern flavor." His narration of all we were seeing included history, geography and ecology lessons along with wildlife sightings and his own personal autobiography of growing up on the Grand Strand (including that he once dated Vanna White's first cousin, Ann)!

We say oyster beds, bald eagles and alligators. Other animals Cap'n Rod told us to look out for were feral pigs and dolphins. One of the islands is where the actual event of citizens being locked in the church and burned to death portrayed in Mel Gibbon's The Patriot took place. We saw rice plantation houses, old slave cabins and the top of smoke stacks of a German ship that was sunk during World War II. 

We were dropped off on North Island and had two hours to explore the beaches. It was one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever seen. It rivaled the Galapagos in my opinion. 

The driftwood was amazing and you could take any you wanted back as long as you could carry it by yourself. I left with a bag full of shells and a few pieces of driftwood.

We poked around Georgetown a bit before and after the tour but have made plans to go back to explore more. There's a wooden boat show in October that sounds interesting!

I can't pass up a diner and Thomas Cafe had great coffee and the breakfast options looked delicious!

There was so much in Georgetown I'd like to go back and dive into deeper like the Rice Museum (its garden is pictured above) and the history of the Marquis de Lafayette. The stature was given by the Winyah D.A.R. chapter. I always send my grandmother pictures of D.A.R. things that I see - I am a member but have yet to make it to a meeting! 

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