Monday, May 15, 2017

Litchfield Beach

My last post from our long weekend visit to Pawleys Island on South Caroline's Grand Strand weekend before last...We had the most marvelous time. It was one of those weekends where three days felt more like a week. We had nearly perfect weather, Caroline & Duncan were champs in the car and with sleeping in a new place and we found the right mix of doing and just being.

A few weeks ago I started looking for a good deal on a hotel room along the South Carolina coast. We've done Myrtle Beach and Charleston and wanted to somewhere along the Grand Strand just because it's so much closer than Edisto. Even though we love Ediso and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a unplugged, low key getaway!

I keep an Adventures in South Carolina note on my phone so that if and when we have an opportunity to travel, I at least have a starting point. Two years ago when we spent a few days in Myrtle Beach, we drove down along the Grand Strand on our way home. We stopped at Huntington Beach and fell in love with the area. We stopped briefly on Pawleys Island and I'd noted that the Best Western looked nice and was advertising $89/night for a room directly across the Highway 17 from the beach.

Advantage of being an early worm - besides catching all the worms, sun rises are just magnificent when you have the beach to yourself.

After a few internet searches revealed but Litchfield Beach & Gold Resort offered a one bedroom suite (with a full kitchen!) that was on the ocean side of the highway and was $15 a night less than the Western. I booked it, and then immediately began doubting if there was a catch, and I'd just gotten us into some place that was going to look totally different than the pictures. I was so relieved when we got there and it was way more than we imagined! Ryan kept asking me if I was sure we were just paying $100 a night. I really don't think he believed me until he saw the final bill :-)

It's about four hours drive from Greenville to the Grand Strand. And the last half is all backroads and farms. It's just beautiful countryside through the midlands and into the low country. Caroline and Duncan napped the first part of the drive and then we played silly games and sang songs the rest of the way.

This girl is such a hoot these days. She's very into her sunglasses and likes to push them up on her head like I do. She also likes to help Duncan wear his sunglasses. Most of the time he thinks it's funny. We got checked in about 8:30 and had the kiddos asleep by 9. We ordered takeout from Websters and unpacked. I can't stand to live out of a suitcase if I'm going to be somewhere more than one night, I like to put everything in drawers. I was so proud of my packing skills too - the four of us all shared one fairly small suitcase!

Friday morning we headed out to the beach before the rain came. We had doughnuts on the way and let Caroline run around. Duncan absolutely loved the feeling of the wind blowing his hair. He may grow up to be Jeep guy like his daddy.

We stayed at the Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort, and it was so nice. Somehow there are no pictures of our suite but it was fantastic with a full kitchen, two queen beds, a living room area and a great balcony overlooking the pool towards the ocean. There were tennis courts, an indoor pool and a health spa along with a really good restaurant where we ordered take out the first night. It was a short five minute walk to beach (past above gator sign!), and in the summer season they'd have gold carts to drive you back and forth. There were two beach areas to choose from and __ different pools. We stayed in Summerhouse but there were various housing options if you need more room or wanted to be closer to the water. We will definitely be going back!

We spent the day Friday at the beach and then the pool. The pool had two heated hot tub areas, a lazy river and a fenced in splash pad area where the water was no more than 12 inches deep. There was also a huge yellow submarine to climb in and out off that Caroline and Duncan both thought was the bees knees.

After naps we headed to Murrells Inlet to buy seafood at Harrelson's Seafood. If you go, make sure to get The Crab Cake Lady crabcakes! Friday night ate at the little restaurant at the resort. I had the fish tacos and Duncan ate more than half my plate. Saturday was spent tooling around Georgetown and Winyah Bay (more on that here!) and so we didn't set up shop at the beach again until Sunday morning.

You know it's fun when the babes are asleep before we even finish loading up the car! We just scratched the surface and are eager to go back!

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