Saturday, May 13, 2017

Five for Friday

Hello, friends! It's finally Friday (or at least it was when I started the's now Saturday morning). Ryan's got the weekend off, and we're hoping to check our Artisphere downtown. It's Greenville's art festival and one of the top art festivals in the country. Today is also Duncan's original due date which is just crazy to think how much has changed in one year.

1. Baby ducks, where you go?
Sweet Caroline some how picked up on the fact that Scout ate her baby ducks. We came home last week and they were just gone. Caroline walked all around the yard going "Baby ducks, where you go?" We checked with the neighbors and searched under the house thinking they could have gotten out of the pen and wandered off (a part of the pen was knocked down). The dog didn't look guilty, but then we started finding body part pieces. I didn't let Caroline go in the backyard for three days because ever time I'd go out, I'd find a piece. It was horrible! You can see the video of Caroline explaining what happened on my Instagram account. In all fairness to Scout, Ryan has trained him to kill rats (a problem in our Jackson house) and other large rodents. And Catahoula dogs are breed to kill wild boars in the Louisiana swamps so he was basically just following his instincts.  But still!!! Poor baby ducks.

2. Growing Boy! Duncan had his 12 month wellness visit this week and weighed in at a whooping 20 pounds, 8 ounces and 30.3 inches in length. That put him in 68% for height. We are spreading out his shots as a precaution for seizure control so he only got one, but he handled it really well. He loved his first sucker!

3. Lowcountry Boil
Duncan's growth spurt is fueled by his amazing appetite. This baby can eat. Our church had a lowcountry boil on Wednesday night. It was $7 for adults and younger kids were free. I tried to tell the lady that I really should pay for Caroline and Duncan that they really eat. She was convinced kids under two just pick at this type of food. Caroline stuck to the chicken nuggets and fries, but Duncan ate shrimp, crab, oysters, potatoes and corn. The other people at our table were amazed. Hard to believe at four months of age he wasn't even on the growth chart he was so small! 

4. Girl Time
Caroline is saying so many fun things right now. Her verbal skills have just explode and she talks all day long. Ryan always says, "Hey baby" to her when he walks in the door. She's now started to respond with a "Hey baby" of her own. She also puckers up her lips to give him a big smacker before he leaves. She obsessed with his car and always asks to ride in "dada's car."

This week we dropped Duncan off for his occupational therapy for the first time. I could tell last week that he was more distracted by me and Caroline being in the room. And the therapist kindly hinted that maybe we could try just dropping him off. Well it was the right call because he clapped for Heather, his therapist, which he has not done at home yet! Caroline cried when she saw Heather take him off, and everyone in the lobby let out a collective, "awww, isn't that the sweetest thing." We walked around downtown and ended up having a sweet roll and a cup of steamed almond milk (for Caroline) and a hibiscus cold brew coffee for me at Methodical Coffee. I wrote an article on them a few years ago and the owners are all so interesting.

5. Mary Berry would have not approved of my Boston Cream Pie! But I tried and know what I did wrong on the pudding layer (it never got thick enough over the heat). I did temper the eggs correctly thanks to all the Great British Bakeoff I've watched on Netflix. Who says you can't learn something from the TV?

Next time I'll go with this recipe for the pudding (aka creme patissiere) as it had much better instructions. I wonder if Martha Stewart and Mary Berry are friends or frienemies?

Happy weekend!

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