Thursday, May 11, 2017

Duncan's Duck Derby

Sweet Duncan is ONE year old as of Monday morning! We celebrating for a good week so the actual day seemed a little anti-climatic. The Sunday before his actual birthday weekend we invited a handful of his friends over for a party. It was such a sweet afternoon filled with friends who love our Duncan and have been his cheerleaders through thick and thin these last few months. Here are a few pictures of "Duncan's Duck Derby."

Every good party needs a theme, right? In Greenville the annual Duck Derby is a huge deal. The Rotary Club releases thousands of adopted "ducks" into the Ready River and the first yellow plastic duck to cross the finish line below Falls Park waterfall wins a fabulous prize. So that, combined with Duncan and Caroline's love of all things ducks, became our theme. My friend Kristen is party planner extraordinaire, and her rule of thumb is that every party must have a have WOW factor. My goal was to keep this party simple (and to win a $50 bet with Ryan that I couldn't pull it off for less that $50...I won. Also, is it normal to handle marital disagreements by waging bets with each other?). 

My original plan had been to fill our little blue plastic tub with rubber ducks and call it a day. But then I thought why go with plastic ducks when we could buy real ducks? Anyway, the $18 bucks I spent on three adorable ducklings at the Travelers Rest Feed & Seed were by far the most entertaining thing possible for a bunch of toddlers. We also had out our water table and inflatable kiddie pool. If you follow me on Instagram you already know the ending to how the ducks (named Earl, Quackies and Fiesty) came to rather distressing end. But they served their purpose of birthday party entertainment!

A few friends had left by this point of the party but from the left: Lillie, Ollie, Caroline, Duncan and Polk. (Not pictured is me squatting behind the sofa and all the other mamas about six inches away ready to catch the first jumper).

I love how he's reached out for Ryan's hand here. He wasn't sure what to think about the singing but then dived right into the smash cupcake!

I tried to keep it pretty simple. I made him a cake and stuck one of our many rubber ducks on top. We also had iced sugar cookies with my friend Becca's fabulous icing shaped like ducks and a little smash cupcake. Food wise we had Mississippi Caviar and hummus for the grownups and a huge jar of cheese balls and animal crackers for the kiddos. 

The drink cart...I love that Ryan iced down the beer (not included in the bet as I said alcohol was not an essential element to a child's birthday party) and left the fruit punch out to be served warm. 

We were so overjoyed at our friends that came to help us celebrate our little man. They have been such an amazing support system for us through out these last few months. Duncan has had one tough year but has showed us what a strong man he will one day become. He already has an amazing testimony to the power of prayer. He's changed so much in a year -- mainly his hair. Who would have thought all that dark hair would be so blond? I can't believe it's been a year since he made an early appearance on Mother's Day!

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