Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Duncan @ 12 Months

At 12 months Duncan continues to amaze us at the skills he is learning every week in therapy. He is the hardest little worker and rarely gets frustrated. For so long it seemed every week our homework was "keep doing what you're doing." Progress was slow. But now each week it's more like, " wow, didn't expect him to have mastered that so fast so let's move on." My prayer is that he continues to see therapy as playtime for as long as possible. Besides his set therapy times, I try to do two 30 minute sessions with him each day. And then, of course, regular activities like eating and bath time are great for practicing skills! His brain is learning how to "re-wire" around the polymicrogyria spots and so it's many times a matter of hand-over-hand correction to teach him how to move correctly. For instance, he used to rotate his hand out (as opposed to internally) when reaching for a toy or piece of food. His physical therapist, Becky, explains it as he's having to learn how his body moves through space. Our big goals right now are getting into the seated position on his own and playing on his knees.

He is still eating eight ounce bottles four times at 7 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 3 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. He loves food and seems to like everything put in front of him. His favorite thing is mum-mum rice rusks. He has eight very sharp teeth. We've finally made some progress on being more consistent with sleeping and he naps from about 8:30 to 9:30ish in the morning and then in the afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. He and Caroline both go down for the night about 7 and he is staying asleep most of the time until about 6 a.m. I do believe he has my early bird gene because he wakes up happy and ready for his bottle!

Therapy schedule:
Mondays @ 3 p.m. Lizzie with Early Intervention
Wednesdays @ 8 a.m. Feeding therapy with Krista at Kidnetics; 10 a.m. physical therapy with Becky at home; 4 p.m. occupational therapy at Kidnetics
Fridays @ 9:45 a.m. physical therapy at home with Becky

Duncan's also begun to make his own little friends. He absolutely adores Hannah Beth. And peer pressure is a real thing even when you're just one. After I snapped this picture at the park, he wanted to sit up just like HB. He loves story time at the library just like Caroline as is all about interacting with the other babies. 

Caroline remains his favorite person and she can do no wrong in his eyes. They love to "wrestle" on the floor and both think it is so funny. She loves to help put a "pie" in his mouth and point out his eyes, ears, mouth, etc. I thought for the longest time that Duncan didn't like dogs but then figured out it's just Scout that makes him cry. Other dogs are fine! 


Duncan loves to be outside and we do a lot of swinging in the baby swing in the front yard and mama's swing in the back.

Duncan got the Little People RV, boat and dump truck for his birthday from sweet friends and it's been the first toys that he is way more into than Caroline. The RV has made me want to go camping -- that's how cool this toy is because I'd sworn off camping! He also loves books and the other day ripped several pages out of one of my magazines that was on the floor! Such a milestone for this little baby who just a few months ago wouldn't even reach for a toy. God is so good and prayers are being answered on a daily basis in our home.  I've started carrying him around more in the Ergo and he really likes that. He's all about having mama all to himself. For now he's still in the infant car seat but he has definitely outgrown it and we are looking for a new one for him. The problem is I'm still using the snap 'n go stroller when I need to run errands with him and Caroline. Caroline can "ride" by standing on the basket wire. I'm sure Graco has approved this in their safety recommendations! So losing the infant stroller also means we need a sit 'n stand type stroller for the car. 

He gets so messy at breakfast he usually ends up in the sink for a bath. Look at that nice round head in the back - that dang helmet may have been worth it after all. (Although I'm still fighting with insurance over paying for it).

In the nursery I've tried to update your corner from being "baby" to "toddler" with two vintage Babar posters. 


Duncan's loveys are his "Duncan Duckie" and his blanket from Siggi. He also likes the gloworm that we gave Caroline for her first Christmas. He's started to sleep on his stomach with his booty in the air and knees tucked under him. 

Duncan has the most amazing care team of doctors, nurses and therapists who all tell me at each visit how they are praying for him and our family. One of our very favorite people is his pediatrician, Drew Goldsmith. He's a med-peds physician and finished the same program Ryan is in a few years ago. We drive 30 minutes to get to his office in Piedmont, but it's totally worth the drive. He regularly texts and calls to check on Duncan and has not minded at all when I've texted him a video on a Sunday morning on a holiday weekend. He and his wife are in the process of adopting two daughters and have three boys of their own. He's known Duncan from Day 1 in the hospital and that brings me so much comfort!

Little man loved the beach but one day is going to give me so much grief over the amount of pink and purple items he had to wear/use in his first year of life. I did actually buy him a knew sun hat but forgot it when packing so he was stuck with Caroline's purple iPlay one. These are the best hats for the beach that I've found!


Duncan, you are teaching me lessons each and every day on choosing joy and thankfulness and releasing expectations about how I think life should go. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). We rejoice in the small achievements like you clapping for the first time in OT last week or that you are now banging toys together (and it's so LOUD!) and we pray that your developmental progress continues and that you remain seizure-free. We pray that as you grow up and learn about the amazing testament of faith that your first year of life has been, that it encourages you in your own spiritual life and walk with the Lord.

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