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Back Blogging: Christmas 2016 Edition

It's Christmas in May! Since I've been getting pictures printed this week and writing in our Christmas Memories Book, I thought I might as well go ahead and update the ole blog too. And I apologize in advance for the amount of photos you are about to witness. There's something about babies in Christmas pajamas and a sparkling tree that makes me photo-happy! Also, I did a terrible job of taking pictures of anyone besides my own two kiddos - will try to do better next year!

We kicked off the Christmas season on Thanksgiving Day by getting our tree. I'm one of those can't-decorate-for-Christmas-until-the-turkey-is-gone type people. But Thanksgiving was Ryan's only day off between Thanksgiving Day and the day we were leaving for Christmas in Mississippi. So to Wal-Mart we went (because they were the only people open), and a tree we did find! As always, we watched Christmas Vacation while we decorated. However, I think next year we'll have to switch to a more child-appropriate Christmas movie!

This child has more expressions than any other baby I've ever seen. He'll be giving me this look as a teenager before I know it. He's thinking, "really mama, this is ridiculous, I'm not your photo prop." Sorry, bud, until you learn to run away from me, you are indeed my photo prop!

All the ornaments slowing migrated to the top one-third of the tree. Caroline learned to stand on her tip toes to extend her reach. It was just too tempting!

One day I called my mom having a bit of a melt-down that I hadn't done anything crafty with Caroline and Duncan yet. Honestly, I was struggling to find the Christmas spirit as we were still in the midst of seizures with Duncan happening multiple times a day. And I was mad at myself because for the years we dealt with infertility, Christmas was really hard and I would keep thinking "one day when we do have kids I'll do x, y and z." And now that day came with TWO precious little ones and I didn't feel like doing anything! But my mother is so calm and reminded me that a) Caroline and Duncan don't even know what a craft is and it would be doing it all for me b) there's lots of time to create Christmas traditions c) this is a hard season of life (and would be without the added stress of medical issues).

We got off the phone and I did feel much better. And decided we should make sugar cookies, because I was hungry and had everything on hand. Plus I knew I'd be mad at myself if I looked back on Christmas and didn't do anything. But I've saved my ideas for all things crafty for next year and beyond!

Caroline looks like she is smiling here but that was actually captured mid-cry. There's a reason you don't do things like this in the late afternoon with toddlers!


Duncan had a total blast though. He just started eating "real" food at Thanksgiving and he definitely has my love of good food. Ryan was on an in-patient rotation between Thanksgiving and Christmas meaning we didn't see a whole lot of him. But we had a lot of fun with friends, bundled up and went to the park, and went to the zoo several times.


We love Ollie! Ollie was not to sure about his mama holding somebody besides him!


One Saturday in December I took C & D to the zoo and then we went to the hospital for lunch with Ryan. He mentioned that Santa and Mrs. Claus were taking photos for staff children and so we did that. Please note that Duncan did have on a really cute Christmas themed outfit but then proceeded to have a blowout on it just moments before it was our turn for a picture. He's such a boy already!



Soon it was time for first airplane ride!!! Greenville to Atlanta to Memphis. Caroline & Duncan did great on the flights and it was much more relaxing than driving eight hours!


Ryan's brother picked us up from the airport and was sweet enough to let us use their car for the week - complete with carseats! We had a quick visit with his family in Hernando and then headed to Tobie town. Levi, Lindsey and their sweet kiddos Wyatt, Tate & Sarah Grace. We were so excited to meet Sarah Grace.


I'm so glad we've been able to keep up our friendship with this sweet couple even though they live in India. We really hope we can visit them at some point in the future! It's been neat to walk (or really internet walk) our adoption journeys together. Lindsey and me with our girls! 


Duncan and Granddaddy share a special bond I think! Duncan is the only grand-boy (so far)!

We celebrated Christmas with Ryan's side a few days before.


Cute cousins!

Shortly after this picture was taken, Mom was walking through the den with Duncan and he saw me and reached out his arms for the first time. I was talking to DeeDee on the phone and, in typical fashion, we both starting boo-hooing. 

All dressed up for a Christmas Party at Laura & Thomas' new house! Laura & T know how to throw a good party and their house looked wonderful. It's one of my favorite houses in Senatobia and I spent a lot of time there babysitting for its former residents in high school and college.  


Laura & her daddy

The Troutt girls with Camille.


More Troutts!

Me, Net, West & Lainie (Warren's finance). Please note that my eyes are closed. Even with the technology called an iPhone with instant replay, somehow 99% of my pictures look like this. 

Warren and Tom

I loved getting to visit with Noah - these two have been buddies since before I can remember.

On Christmas Eve Caroline helped Siggi make a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake. 

And we made King of Norway Cinnamon Rolls. One of my favorite traditions!


After the Christmas Eve service at FUMC, we headed back for supper - Laura's dad brought gumbo from Baton Rouge and it was delicious!


We unintentionally had coordinating Christmas pajamas with Camille!


Reading The Night Before Christmas. This is my favorite edition - and was my first very Christmas present in 1983. If my brother was writing this blog he'd take a moment to tell you that on the inside cover in my second grade handwriting there is his name "Thomas" and it's been crossed out in blue magic marker. One time, Sis and I got in a (very rare) argument and it must have been around Christmas time so to get back at her for whatever it was I wrote Thomas' name in my book. We made up and I promptly crossed his name out and said never mind on playing with you little brother. He would tell you this perfectly illustrates his childhood. We all have our issues!

The next morning...drumroll...Santa came!!!





The wrapping paper was the best part for Caroline!




As usual after Santa and breakfast we all got dressed and met Buford and his family at Net's for Bloody Mary's and cheese wafers. Family friends Corinne and Ann joined us too and it was so good to see them again!


The next day Sis and her girls came. Caroline couldn't get enough of Mary Thorne.


Five cousins in swings: Poppy, Elizabeth Magee, Mary Thorne, Caroline & Duncan. Just missing Camille - I think she was napping!

I love how MT appears to be floating mid-air in the above picture. Which if it were physically possible, she'd so figure out how to do that!


Our last night in Senatobia. Caroline was over the whole picture thing before it started!

We left Memphis around 6 a.m. and were home before 10 a.m. Caroline and I were back to our neighborhood Bi-Lo before noon. Air travel really is amazing when it's hassle-free!

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