Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Artisphere 2017 & Baby Olive

Festival season is officially upon us in Greenville and that means there is some major FFF (free family fun) somewhere almost every weekend. FOMO is a true problem in this town. It's something even my yoga instructor on Friday mornings encourages us to "let go of your FOMO...find the right path for you." (For you non-millennial readers FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out.)! The first time she said it I almost laughed, but then after thinking about it, I think it's a real thing with my generation and seeing what all everyone else is doing on social media. It can be so easy to compare and not know the deeper stories going on behind the "perfect" imagine online. So I do strive to be authentic in what I put out there but then also not air my own dirty laundry. It's a balance! 

Anyway, we all really enjoyed Artispere even though I had to pull the "it's Mother's Day weekend so I get to pick what we do" card to get Ryan to agree to go! There were all types of artists both selling their work and doing demonstrations in pottery, glass blowing, metal work, etc. and bands, food, drinks, crafts for kids, crafts for adults, street performers and more people and strollers and dogs than you can imagine.


Unfortunately my phone was on the fritz all weekend and so I really didn't get that many pictures. The good news is I now have a new phone and am loving it. Although it's so much bigger than I'm used to and it's going to take some adjusting. I'm excited about having a better camera and more storage.

I bought a small "Painted Bunting" linograph by Tampa artist John Costin. I loved all his work but knew I had to have this bunting because of the one I've seen in my backyard the last two summers. Even though it's really rare to see them this far from the coast!

And also on Saturday I got to meet my friend Pace's new baby daughter, Olive! She was born on Duncan's due date (May 12) and they were in the exact same room we were in. It was a little deja vu walking into that room!


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