Friday, May 26, 2017

5 for Friday

1. Duncan had an MRI on Wednesday. The purpose of the test was to see if the white brain matter that was too bright on his last MRI back in March was still there. Fortunately, it was not and it appears he is back to {his version} of normal. The good news here is that means he can keep taking the medicine (Sabril) that has stopped the seizures and spasms. We were fairly certain that the white brain mater issue was a side effect of his body adjusting to the Sabril medication, but it was reassuring to know for sure that the issue is resolved.


Our church's prayer team holds a service for healing every Tuesday night. Our friend, Rob, had encouraged me a couple of months ago to bring Duncan sometime. The service did so much to calm my fears and anxiety over the MRI. I truly believe what we are seeing Duncan do developmentally is due to all the prayer warriors lifting him up on a daily basis. What his last MRI showed back in March and what he is doing physically and mentally do not "add up" when looking at his MRIs from a solely medical perspective. He's hitting most of the 10 to 12 month milestones, even with hypotonia,which is what is making gross motor skills like crawling so hard.

2. Therapy dogs are amazing. I'd requested that Vivi (short for Vivitar) visit us before the MRI. There's a lot of time in three different waiting rooms and she's a good distraction for all of us! Her handler is so nice, and Duncan was so interested in trying to see what Vivi was doing he barely fussed when the nurse put in his IV line. Another "God wink" in this whole situation is that if Duncan had been a girl, we were going to name him Vivie.

Before Vivi got there, I entertained a very hungry Duncan (he hadn't eaten since the night before and brother does not like to miss a meal!) with a video Thomas sent me of the model train he's been refurbishing (is that the right word)? For our childhood, the train sat in pieces on our grandparent's book shelf and belonged to our dad as a child. He's gotten a family friend to re-do the engine so that it runs and even blows smoke! And his built a table for it.

3. Speaking of dogs we took Scout on our downtown adventure this week. After FOUR straight days of rain, we were all in need of some Vitamin D. He started whining we he saw me get out the stroller, and I just couldn't leave him behind. He had a hard time watching us walk into Methodical Coffee and he whined the whole time we were in the library without him.Greenville is such a dog-crazy town that in both places when I peeked out to check on him, complete strangers were petting him. More than one person stopped me to make sure I had water for him and at least four people stopped with dog treats in their pockets (but no dogs of their own???).


We met up with my friend, Claire, and her three girls at the plaza. Claire and I met through our church's adoption/foster mission outreach and she shared with me their adoption story and encouraged me to look at the adoption agency we used with Caroline. She now has three girls under three!

On our way back we stopped at the library for me to pick up my new read "The Summer Before the War." I started it last night and can tell from page one it's going to be so good! It's by Helen Simonson and supposedly great for those of us still missing Downton Abbey.

4. During said rainy days we spent one afternoon at the library. We ran into our friend HB and her mama, Heather, who used to tutor these girls as part of an after school program. The girls could not get enough of the babies and wanted to read to them. It was so nice. I sat down and flipped through a magazine!

5. I'm going to have to come up with a nickname for my friend, Caroline, because it gets confusing all the Caroline's in our lives. My Caroline has two friends named Caroline and then my friend Caroline. Apparently everyone in the Carolinas loves to name their daughter Caroline. There are at least five in the church nursery every Sunday. But I digress, my Caroline (neighbor and friend) talked me into going to a hot yoga sculpt class on Thursday morning. The instructor gave the following instructions: If you leave this room without giving me a thumbs up, I will follow you and assume you are having a medical emergency. What???? It was a TRX/Crossfit class with a few down dogs in a 100+ degree room. 

Happy Friday friends!

P.S. I love a good #TBT and this may be the best yet...Anderson Family Reunion 1989. Every year since 1987 we've met at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas for a family reunion with my grandfather's side of the family. He and his two sisters and all their children. And now grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It's something we all look forward to every other June, and I think I've only missed two in my entire life.


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