Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Babies Have Awesome Hair

This may be my favorite picture ever taken. Maggie snapped it as we were leaving Tupelo Honey earlier this week. Wind tends to tunnel between the buildings here and Caroline looked and acted like she was about to be swept away. And Duncan's hair is just amazing.

This girl! She's so fun. And so into everything right now. She asks for "a show" constantly but never watches more than two minutes of anyting. She wants "a bite" but is turning into a rather picky eater. She's so polite though and usually manages to say, "help please" before getting upset with not being able to do something. She says "open shutty" when she wants something opened. And if you ask her what she wants to eat, she always responds with "a sammie" meaning a peanut butter sandwich. She's quick to say "tank yoouu" and "bye bye" to everything and everyone. 

You know a friendship is real when said friend offers to take you and your two kiddos out to lunch to use up a gift card and leaves her own child in daycare. Caroline kept looking around like, "where's Lillie?" Don't move Maggie!

Duncan ate: his biscuit, Maggie's biscuit, half a black bean burger, Caroline's mac & cheese, and about seven French fries off my plate. And still wanted more. And I wonder why he's totally skipped 12 month size clothing?!?

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