Thursday, April 27, 2017

Le Weekend: Golf, Coop Crawl & Sunday Funday

I've been trying to use a new Blog Press app to update the blog from my phone because for some reason my computer isn't recognizing the phone to download pictures. Google told me to uninstall and then reinstall itunes to make it work again. But then it dawned on my I could log onto my iCloud and then download the pictures. It's really more than my sleep-deprived brain can handle at the moment. How many First World problems are in this paragraph???

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend! It felt like a hot summer day on Friday, a glorious spring day on Saturday and a cold, rainy winter day on Sunday. So your typical spring weekend in the South where one day you have on the A/C, the next the windows open and then the heater and fireplace on full force. It's no wonder we all stay sick for weeks on end this time of year! And even though it's almost the weekend again, I want to document all we did, because it really was so fun and the first spring-like weekend we've had in awhile. Our friend, Julia, is the event manager at the Greenville Country Club and she invited us all to have a double day date and play golf! It was so fun and even though I'm absolutely terrible at it, I can see the appeal.

Afterwards, I picked up Caroline and Duncan from our babysitter and we all went to Mac's in the West End to eat. It was great food and sitting outside was perfect. Caroline and Duncan both stayed up past nine o'clock (normally they go down at 7 p.m.) and stayed happy the whole time.

This picture cracks me up. Duncan looks like an old man. And I love the way Eric is looking at him! Saturday morning Ryan told me he was working 7 to 7 and then a little while later I noticed his glasses were gone...perfectly describes residency life.

I had a baby shower to go to so my friend Julie came over and kept Duncan while Caroline and I got all dressed up. I loved taking just her somewhere - felt like old times:-) When you're used to taking two babies everywhere having just one seems so easy!

We came home and changed and then all headed to our neighborhood's Coop Crawl. Our neighborhood bar, Community Tab, hosted the event and handed out maps to all the backyard chicken coops in the neighborhood. Then there were food trucks and chicken-related artwork and supplies for sale in their parking lot. 

Sunday morning Ryan and D stayed home to nap and Caroline and I went to church. We have the most fabulous little bookstore. Caroline found the bowl of jellybeans and kept asking for "more sugar." She sat with me through the whole church service though. I was really impressed!

Sunday afternoon I went to a hot yoga class and then ran a few errands with Duncan as my sidekick. Ryan and our neighbor, Don, tackled a few house projects and we had friends over to grill out that evening. It's so sad that the first round of our friends to move on for fellowship or jobs will move within the next few weeks.

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