Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello, Blog World!!!

Well I've been MIA from this space for way too long. And I've missed it. I want to record these precious memories and milestones. I made it to church two weeks ago by myself for the first time since Duncan was born. As an older lady and I passed each other on the ramp, she pointed her walker at me (pushing D in the stroller and carrying C on my hip) smiled and said, "I remember those days. They were hard, but I miss them everyday." It was such encouragement to me as I had started prepping for us all to leave the house since 7 a.m. for the 11 a.m. worship service.

Somehow having two under two has kept me on my toes! My hands are full but so is my heart! It dawned on me the other day that instead of having two babies, I'm about to have two TODDLERS. What??? That can't be right, because there are still much-too-small newborn pajamas in Duncan's pajama basket.

I'm going to make an effort to "back blog" about the last seven months while it's still somewhat fresh on my mind. I want to remember these days - even if I feel like by the end of the day I couldn't tell you what we all ate for breakfast. At least I'm fairly confident we all had breakfast! For now, some fun pictures because Duncan Doodle and Caroline Noodle are both napping and my to-do list is waiting...

Our first attempt at using the finger paints Caroline got for Christmas. She ate the paper, and Duncan ate the paint. Don't think we'll try this again for awhile!

Downtown on Saint Patrick's day listening to music. This girl loves her daddy.

Duncan thought the music was good too! Caroline wore this same onsie last year!

Duncan has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and this has made milestones like sitting up a challenge for him. He does physical therapy twice a week, and it's making a huge difference. This was his first time to sit up in the grocery store cart. He's been trying to catch Caroline's curls for months. 

We checked out the pool at the Y and Caroline thought her puddle jumper was pretty cool. 

Ryan was on call one weekend in March so the kiddos and I loaded up and went to B'ham for a short visit. EM was a little disbelieving that we were spending Spring Break at their house. She turned 6 in February and Mary Thorne and Poppy turned 4 in March. Caroline was totally fascinated and jumped right in with them. She called them all "Poppy" and started calling Sis "Mama Sissy." We'll see if that sticks. 

These girls! How would we have gotten through residency without each other? Maggie (left) and her family are moving this summer. The first of us to leave! Her husband's residency is only three years and they are going to Lexington. 

Duncan wears kinesio tape along his back, shoulders and stomach (a lot of cross fitters use it). We think it's really helped him get stronger as it "wakes up" the muscles when they pull against the tape. I'm thinking about asking his PT if she'll tape my stomach...not quite swimsuit ready!?!

Our first antibiotic at 18 months for a nasty pink-eye virus. While we waited on her meds at the pharmacy, Caroline and I had a "special treat" her first chocolate croissant. 

Pedialyte popsicles on the porch. Scout is endless entertainment.

In B'ham Caroline picked up on the fact that dogs have names. She came home and immediately started asking for Pepe. She still calls Scout "dog" but it sounds more like "duck."

The "wrestling" these two do just warms my heart. They can't get enough of each other. They share a room, but Duncan usually wakes up first. The first thing Caroline says when she wakes up is "Bubba? Where Bubba?"  

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