Friday, April 28, 2017

Five for Friday

1. Swim lessons started this week at the YMCA for Caroline and she did fantastic. Afterwards, I got Duncan out of the stroller where he'd been watching and had them both in the water (with life vests!). I'm pretty sure that the adult to children ratio about gave the poor lifeguard a panic attack. She kept getting closer and closer to us until she was practically standing right over me.

2. My friend Sarah Hunt has started a new blog and it's fabulous. It will make you want to move to Florida though. Sarah Hunt is such a special friend - we lived two doors down from each other our freshman year at Ole Miss and have kept in touch since our many moves. Last summer she and Mama Lou came to visit us. Sarah Hunt is adopted and it was so comforting to me to ask them both questions about how they talked about it and what Sarah Hunt understood as a child!

3. I got this pullover at Old Navy this week and have loved it. It's still pretty cool here in the mornings. Plus when I went to hot yoga last week for the first time at Soul Yoga, I realized my yoga wardrobe needed some major help! Also, it was a complete shock to me that it was hot yoga and a cool 100 degrees in the room. I'd only taken their free classes that are offered downtown from time to time. But I loved it!

4. It took me nearly a month, but I finally finished A Week in Paris last night. From the book jacket: When talented young violinist Fay Knox arrives in Paris, the city feels familiar to her. But not because Fay has visited Paris before...Filled with romance, family secrets, and the allure of Paris, A Week in Paris is the compelling story of two women, one war, and the powerful pull of the past.

5. Time with friends. I never do anything during the week and this week I did two fun things. I'd been invited to join an Adopted Mamas Supper Club by a mom friend I met at the park, and it was very therapeutic to talk all things adoption with a group of ladies who have/had/and are in the process. Like each birth story, each adoption story is so different and special. And then another night my Side-by-Side ministries Bible Study group said "see you later" to four members who are leaving Greenville for their husbands' residencies or fellowships. We met at Tin Lizzys and sat outside.

Hope you have a good weekend! We're celebrating Duncan's first birthday a week early on Sunday afternoon with friends (cue the tears!) so get ready for an emotional and gooey blog post coming your way early next week! Happy Friday!

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