Thursday, June 30, 2016

A blue pool and a yellow duck

I see a blue pool...

a yellow duck...

and a baby girl having so much fun!

Obviously we've been reading a lot of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Big Backyard

I love my backyard. It's my happy place and my creative outlet to putter around in during nap time. When a change of scenery is needed (which happens nearly every afternoon around 4:30!) it's our go-to place. Most women nest by feeling an innate need to wash baby clothes and straighten closets. My nesting consisted of building an herb garden and hoarding egg shells for my tomatoes!

One day a couple of weeks ago I was reading in the hammock and heard a "whooosh" right above me. Looking down on me was this huge owl! It left me feeling both in awe of him and frightened of him. He seemed to be watching me a little too closely. I was glad Duncan and Caroline were safely inside as I'm pretty sure owls ate my goldfish last summer.

I think its the dark eyes sockets that make owls so creepy! And then one morning this past week he was back! I was waiting for the coffee to finish and saw something land on the pine tree directly across from the kitchen sink. 

I raced outside to get a good picture. And when I imitating a "whoo whoo" he looked right at me! 

I'm pretty sure it was the same owl. But I guess they probably all look alike!

In other animal news, Scout is ready for these babies to start really playing with him.

This picture cracks me up. I was working in the garden and turned around to find that Scout had gently placed his nasty squeaky ball on top of Duncan. And was waiting for him to throw it. We always knew Scout would be a fun dog for our kids!

Some new things are blooming:

The hostas are blooming. 

And the sunflowers continue to impress.

The three althea bushes along the back fence are blooming - two are purple and one is white.

But most impressive of all is my lime tree...look closely, there's a tiny lime just getting started! 

Happy gardening (or really by this time of the year it's more like happy watering)!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Unplugged

Well this was just not a stellar weekend for us! It started with a power outage on Friday night - meaning no one slept well - and ended with me getting five stitches Sunday evening.

I did have some really fun visitors on Friday morning. Julie and her mother, Catherine, came over to visit. Julie gave me the 4-1-1 on Snapchat. I've had an account but had no idea how to use it. I still really don't "get it," but I love that I can take pictures like this:

When the fussy time hits, this is how we deal...we take selfies to send to Ryan to say hurry home!

Friday afternoon our lights flickered, came on for a second right as I was freaking out and then went out again. And stayed out. Ya'll it was HOT. After a couple of hours our wonderful neighbors decided to turn on their generator and ran us a line. We were able to put a box fan on everybody for bedtime and it helped tremendously!

There's nothing like spending a night without air conditioning to make you truly appreciate all our modern comforts! (And Duncan is still sleeping in the hall. I've been too chicken to try and move him to the nursery again).

Saturday morning I left everyone sleeping in and went to an outdoor yoga class downtown. It was wonderful!

And after naps, we went to the pool. 

Duncan is starting to chunk up a bit! And here he's wondering just why he can't run around! 

And Sunday morning marked 7 weeks of Duncan. He always seems to have the most serious expressions!

Doing yoga with Caroline adds a whole new level of challenge...

And to my boo-boo! I opened the back door to Ryan's 4Runner and a beer bottle had come loose of the pack and hit my leg at just the wrong angle. It was a pretty deep gash. 

I think Ryan was a little too enthusiastic about stitching me up. Five stitches later I'm almost as good as new. 

Thankful for a new day with these precious babes! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Nine at Nine Months

Caroline's growth between eight and nine months just floors me. She's gone from beginning to crawl to almost walking. She follows directions and soaks in everything around her. She can go from sitting down to standing up without holding on to anything. She'll get between the chair and coffee table and fling herself from one to the other. She has no fear. 

She has two adorable teeth and has gone from sleeping only on her back to sleeping on her stomach with her booty in the air. She is babbling and will imitate sounds. Ryan swears he got a "dada" the other day, but I'm not sure I believe him! She understands so much. We are working on a few baby sign language sings and I can tell the wheels are turning. She may have given me the "more" sign during lunch yesterday. Not sure if she meant to do it or not!

Nine at nine months...

Mobile - it seems that as soon as you got your crab crawling down you immediately moved on to standing. You're cautious and will squat up and down. You haven't tried to take a step yet but it's just a matter of time now.

Funny - You are a ham-bone! You love to make us laugh. Your newest trick is dipping your head into my chest in pretend shyness and then popping up with a grin. You've also started a new type of smile. You squish up your nose and get this long, wide grin and your whole body tenses up. You clap when you find something funny and stick out your tongue. It's the cutest thing!

Explorer - you are the most inquisitive little thing. Appliances in the kitchen are so exciting to you. When the door to the fridge is open you make a beeline to see what's inside. And I've pulled you off the dishwasher door too many times to count! You have a particular knack for grabbing for knives in the utensil basket. Keeping me on my toes!

Paci-stealer You'll work so hard to get to Duncan, give him a big smile and then immediately reach for his paci. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to love them like you do. You have such a tender little heart too. When he cries you stop and look at him and seem to want to comfort him. I pray you two will be the best of friends and thick as thieves.

Foodie - my summer eating goal is to eat half as good as you do, Caroline! You had watermelon for the first time at the Peds Welcome Party this week and you loved it. Other new foods include corn, peaches and pears.

Curious - when Facetiming with Daddy or Siggi you routinely reach for the phone and flip it over to examine the backside. We always say, "Siggi's in her box." The carseat buckle is fascinating as in anything that Duncan is doing (especially if a paci is nearby!).

Climber - the other day I was nursing Duncan on the sofa and watched as you scouted your little wooden stool over to the coffee table. You proceeded to climb onto the stool and were almost on the coffee table before I intervened! You also love to try and climb into the dishwasher (notice that foot up on the door in the picture above!).

Happy - when something pleases you you'll stop and clap. You continue to be a little social butterfly and love being around other babies and bigger children. When we are short on a play date we call for the cutest friend we know... that baby in the mirror!

Sweet as peaches

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Burgers & Books Baby Shower

Last Saturday we helped host a baby shower for some good friends who are expecting a baby boy in September. Remember the red cabbage test back in March? That feels like a million years ago now! Well it turns out the test was 50% right.  Correct for us but wrong for Kati & Wil. We celebrated Baby W on Saturday night with our fellow residents and their families...

I used Canva to design the invitations and had a local shop print them. 

Maggie and Richard hosted us, and Maggie (and Pinterest!) gets full credit for thinking up the 'burgers & books' theme. I just followed directions!

Peter Rabbit Bacon & Tomato Cups and Jack and the Beanstalk Mississippi Caviar. I'm always trying to introduce Mississippi things to these friends from all over!  One of our friends told me the other day that every time he hears Ryan or I say "Senatobia" he thinks we're making up a word :-)

Goodnight Moon Sugar Cookies made with my friend Becca's icing. If you're in the Memphis area, she makes the cutest themed cookies for special occasions!

This book was new to me, Potato Chip Champ. 

And fresh fruit with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Sunflowers and hydrangeas from my backyard.  

And the most popular item of the night was Julia Reed's McGee Memorial Sangria. When she was promoting the release of this book a few years ago, I went to a Junior League luncheon where she spoke and the sangria was served (see that post here). I had a very nice 'party glow' all afternoon. The sangria calls for red wine, vodka, rum, brandy and Grand Marnier. It will give you more than a glow. I modified the recipe a bit since we didn't have brandy or Grand Marnier and we didn't miss it. I've read since that apple juice is a good substitute for brandy in recipes. I just added a little more orange and pineapple juice. We put a "beware" sign in front of it!

Resident picture! I love being around Ryan's work buddies -- they all spend so much time together at the hospital and we all hardly ever do anything big outside of Christmas and Welcome parties. Ryan tells me their day-to-day contact is nothing like Grey's Anatomy! 

Maggie, Kati's mom and a friend from college and mama-to-be, Kati. 

These two babies enjoyed the party. It's the first social event where Caroline hasn't been happy to go to anybody. She's in the mama-only stage and I must say I kinda love it! She went to bed not long after the party started, but Lillie stayed up for the whole thing!

Duncan enjoyed his first party. 

I'm not entirely sure what story Ryan is telling here, but they were all enjoying it.

So excited for these parents-(and grandparents) to-be!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

We had such a fun weekend and the best part of all was celebrating Ryan. His first Father's Day was spent with our little ones and couldn't have been more wonderful...

Early morning snuggle time must include Ducky! This guy worked from 8 p.m. on Friday night and didn't go to bed until 11 p.m. on Saturday night with just a quick cat nap Saturday afternoon. He's the nicest, most exhausted guy you can imagine. 

I love a good arts & crafts project! Caroline's foot is on the left and Duncan's on the right. Not much difference in size!

I was so excited about our gift for Ryan - a seat for the back of his bike for Caroline. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research and the gears on his mountain bike are in the way! So I've got to figure that out this week!

We had a lazy morning which included naps for everyone, lunch and then more naps. Then we headed downtown for ice cream at Spill the Beans and a trolley ride.

We had a lot to celebrate yesterday. Caroline turned 9 months and Duncan 6 weeks!

This girl loves sweets and can now add a coke float to her list of foods!

Caroline's first ride on the trolley! We rode the whole loop!

Sometimes everybody wants to be in Mama's lap. I wouldn't have it any other way!

And happy Father's Day to my daddy! He's one of the best and set the bar high for what to look for in a husband. We had fun texting old pictures yesterday...

Sis found this one of all of us with our dog, Sue, and one of her litters of puppies. Sue was a character and her many puppies were better play things than any doll!

And this is one of my favorites - on our way to our happy place Gulf Shores, Alabama on the ferry.