Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Shows

During afternoon nap time Duncan and I have been watching some good shows. He's developing a flat spot on the right side of his head and since babies can no longer sleep on their stomachs, I let him nap on me. So he can sleep on his tummy without me worrying, and I can watch TV without feeling guilty about not being doing laundry, getting a head start on supper or checking off one of the thousand items on my mental to-do list. It's a win-win situation!

Duncan is so determined to sleep on his right side whether he's on his back or stomach. I try to turn his head once he goes to sleep but this wakes him up about half the time! The football was randomly placed next to him by Caroline, but I think it's got to make him feel more manly about doing tummy time on a hot pink unicorn, right? :-)

Anyway, back to TV! The BBC must do period dramas better than anyone else. Poldark and Home Fires are both on Amazon Prime. Poldark is like the British version of Gone with the Wind (except it's after the Revolutionary War) and Russ Poldark returns home to England to find his father has died and he has a failing farm and mill to manage. The Cornwall scenery is breathtaking and has added to my list of must-see places if we ever get to the UK! Season 2 starts on PBS on September 25 so you have plenty of time to binge watch the first season before then.

Also war-themed, Home Fires is set in the village of Great Paxford and follows a group of women (and the drama of village politics of the Women's Institute) as they prepare for World War II. The characters are so relatable and I recognized several actresses from Downton Abbey. The scenes where a mother is overcome with anxiety of sending a son off to war were a little much for these post-natal hormones! I may have squeezed Duncan a little too tight. It's based on the book Jambusters (spoiler alert: they make jam) which I've added to my ever expanding reading list. Season 1 is on Amazon Prime and it looks like Season 2 can be viewed on YouTube (it's aired in the UK and PBS owns the rights so I guess it will eventually air here).

And in a total change of cinematic genres, Ryan and I have gotten into the horror drama Stranger Things on Netflix. Don't watch alone - it's a little freaky! But it will make you nostalgic for the '80s. And after that's freaked us out, we watch Catastrophe (on Amazon) to lighten the mood and so that I'll be able to sleep! What are you watching?

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