Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mississippi Bound Round 2

The 2.5 hour drive from Jackson to Senatobia has never seemed so short! Caroline and Duncan took their afternoon naps and we were ready to have fun once we rolled into Tobie town. Caroline woke up when we crossed into Panola County and I sang the Senatobia Warriors Fight Song the last 20 miles. She thought it was hilarious! Being home is always so much fun and a flurry of activity as I try to see as many friends and family as possible. This time was extra special since it was Duncan's first trip to Mississippi and I was so excited to introduce Caroline and Duncan to so many people who have prayed for our family and made us feel so loved over the past year! Here are a (few!) of the pictures if you'd like to see...

Cousin Eliza was so excited to hold Duncan and play with Caroline. Isn't she the cutest?

Eliza's mother and I are second cousins making her and Caroline/Duncan third cousins and making Eliza and me second cousins once removed or first cousins twice removed. Genealogy was the only part of med school that I could help Ryan understand! My great-grandmother Givens was one of 10 children and many of their descendants still live in Tate County. 

Going left to right: Family friend and all-time Ryan's favorite teacher, Seño McKellar, came to visit. Ryan was so excited when I sent him this picture!; Duncan was so happy to be back in Net's arms. He'd just gotten adjusted to not being held 100% of the time from the beach. His thought bubble here is: She does exist! I knew it was possible!; My mom and Mary K walk together almost daily. Caroline was excited to show off her walking skills. She'll be ready for a power walk in no time!; Caroline demonstrating her mastery of "Patty Cake" for Eliza; and mom's dear friends and (retired!) workmates Jane and Sandy loving on Duncan. 

Wednesday afternoon we went to Hernando to see the Paulk side of the family. Eli, Harper and Silas had just had their very first day of school so it was fun to hear all about 10th, 5th and Kindergarten! Eli was six months old when Ryan and I started dating and now he's about to get his driver's license. Crazy! 

Wednesday evening Net had had a going-away party for West. He graduated from high school in May and is headed off to SCAD in a few weeks. I love family parties at Net's house. Some of my absolute favorite memories from childhood are up and in this room listening to my dad and uncle share stories. This time there was a great discussion on the town bully when they were children.

I love how Duncan is studying Uncle B here. 

Obviously, Net's standards of appropriate behavior for children are getting lower the more grandchildren and great-grandchildren  that come along. I was never allowed to eat outside the kitchen until I was at least seven and here Caroline is having her bottle on the nice sofa! 


This little red truck has been around since at least Thomas and Warren. Maybe before? I loved seeing Caroline discover the toys at Net's!

Thursday morning Becca brought Livi and Martin to Net's so we could swim and catch up. I miss this dear friend!  

Bryan wasn't able to join them because of work, but it was perfect that we were together on a Thursday considering that for years during pharmacy school we had supper together every Thursday night to watch Grey's. We called it our Breadwinners Supper Club. 

Martin had his first day of Kindergarten the day before and it was so fun to hear all about his class and teacher. His school has each child come in groups of five one day the first week to get everybody settled in. I think that's a great idea!

Ryan bought this bumble bee float for Elizabeth Magee when she was an infant. It's held up well! I'm skipping ahead now to Friday morning and will do a separate post on Thursday afternoon and our Sip and See. Net helped me gather my things and load the car. I set up camp at her house and waited as long as possible to head to Jackson. When Thomas called and said Laura was getting closer to baby time, we hit the road!

And I was so glad to see Ms. Janet before we left town on Friday morning.

Net ordered us a pepperoni pizza, and Caroline thought it was divine! She's beginning to catch on that my food sure tastes a lot more interesting than hers. 

Chad and his dad kept Caroline and Duncan while I ran to the hospital to see Thomas and Laura. After eating supper there I soon realized there would be no baby for me to see that night and so headed back to gather my two. Chad informed it was a full-time job taking care of Caroline and Duncan! And he had lots of help! We spent the night at the Hesters and Caroline was so excited when she realized where we were and that Jane was there! 

Sacked out in borrowed pajamas in "our" room. She pulls off dinosaurs very well.

How Friday nights are supposed to go - on the sofa with DeeDee watching TV and asking John Eric to fill up our glasses. We toasted the baby's impending birth with Stellina Di Notte prosecco and it was fabulous. 

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