Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mississippi Bound Round 1

Our drive to Mississippi last weekend went just about as good as you could possibly hope for when traveling with two babies under age one! We took it slow and stopped only where I had help. My voice is still a little horse from a thousand rounds of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "M-eye-crooked letter-crooked letter-eye-crooked letter-crooked letter-eye-humpback-humpback-eye". Caroline could see me in her mirror and thought it was hilarious. She did not think the radio was that great. One day she will realize that I can't carry a tune so I'm soaking up being a rock star for now!

We left bright and early last Friday morning and my cousin, Margaret, met us at Star Provisions in midtown Atlanta. I'm not sure what I'd have done without her! It was time to stop because we were all hungry and needed diaper changes and Margaret was a huge help. Plus, I think this may be my new way through Atlanta because I seemed to avoid the worst of the traffic by getting off I-85 before downtown and then popping back on already on I-20 westbound.

And the prosciutto sandwich was wonderful! All tanked up, we headed to Birmingham. At this point things got a bit hairy as Caroline screamed for about an hour. We were all glad to get some energy out when we got to Sis' house. Fortunately, Mary Thorne is great at this! See below...

Caroline thought their neighbor's trampoline looked like so much fun. She can't wait to join in! Then we headed to the JCC for some swim time.

Look at this sweetness! She was watching the big girls play and reached over and held Duncan's car seat like, "it's okay brother, I've got you."

The eight inches in the baby pool is just right!

Poppy and EM sang "Baby Caroline" to sleep. Sweetest thing ever!

Saturday it was up and at 'em to head to Jackson for Laura's baby shower! We are so so very excited about Camille due in early September! (Spoiler Alert: She came sooner than expected!!!).

Elizabeth Magee was so excited to give Laura a lambie lovey like the one Laura gave her as a baby. She has the the sweetest, most generous spirit and is such a great big sister and big cousin.

Mom gave Laura a Moses basket and also Puppy Dog - Thomas' lovey as a child. 

Caroline was so excited to see Aunt Bonnye. A room full of people is Caroline's idea of the perfect day! Plus, Mom feed her sausage balls and she gobbled them up. 

Caroline trying to get away from Net. This picture reminds me of Thomas and Net's mother, Mammy. Mammy would use her cane to grab Thomas around the neck and keep him from getting away. He stayed at her house for "Mammy Church" on Sunday mornings and we walked in one Sunday to find he'd gotten fed up with her cane-pulling and had taken her cane hostage! They were fuming at each other from across the room. That was the end of Mammy Church.

Aunt Renie came and it was so good to see her. 

And DeeDee and I *almost* lost it when we were finally reunited. FaceTime is great but not quite the same! 

Then it was to the Hesters where DeeDee and I had three straight days of fun with our babies. Including baby George (who only Jane could see) but who turned out to be quite needy! 

Caroline may have slightly overwhelmed Charlie with her constant, and loud, movements. DeeDee said she was the busiest baby she'd ever seen. She plays hard and then crashes hard! And is so excited about everything in between. 

Charlie (8 months) and Duncan (3 months).

John, Caroline and Charlie. They played and played and their mamas talked about the condo we'll buy when they are all at Ole Miss (Caroline has already agreed that I can go to college with her). As DeeDee pointed out, Caroline brings the party with her wherever she goes! 

These two curly-headed girls are crazy about each other. They played and played. Jane is so adorable and is such a great helper. She didn't want me to change a diaper without her assistance and kept informing me that Duncan needed to eat. She sounded a lot like Ryan!

DeeDee graciously let us set up camp at their house, and it was so much easier than trying to run around three counties to see friends!

Katelyn is going into third grade and Witt into fifth. How is that possible???

All FIVE Blackards - so glad there's not a sticker covering sweet Leigh anymore. Adoption is amazing ya'll.

And we spent lots of time with Thomas and Laura.

Duncan looks so much like Thomas's baby pictures. Mom told him she sure hoped his child looked like him since he has a niece (Mary Thorne) and nephew who could be his twin!

Baby Girl Givens and Caroline will be a year apart!

Monday Dee and I slightly lost our marbles and decided to take our crew to Babalu for lunch. It turned out to be Margarita Monday! I think fellow patrons looked at our table and thought a $5 Baba-rita sounded pretty good. I ordered off the children's menu for Caroline for the first time. She loved her cheese quesadilla. Who's surprised??? 

My friend Kim came to visit with Georgia Anne and Lucas, and it was so good to get caught up! Lucas and Caroline are almost exactly one year. It was neat to imagine what she'll be doing next year.

And of course we had to WAWOW one evening (even though it was Monday I believe!). We did our old loop in Eastover and were way late eating everyone feed and in bed but it was so worth it! Their neighbor told me I had twins the hard way! For my newer readers WAWOW stands for Walking and Wine on Wednesdays. It's how we got through the week with stressful jobs, husbands who were working long hours and longing for babies.  Let me tell you, we solved the world's issues on our walks. The more upset we were about an issue, the faster we walked! It didn't really hit me how much we've grown up until this time together. We are no longer early 20somethings new to the "real world."

Check out this sweetness. Jane holding unto Caroline's foot. They both fell asleep snuggled up in the stroller. Which we noticed and promptly removed Jane since she wasn't buckled in!

And then we had to go see Uncle Thomas one more time. His dog, Moose, is quite the watch dog but well trained. Caroline loves dogs and isn't scared of big animals. But she was a little freaked out by his "friendly" bark. Uncle T sat with her and she was soon fast friends with Moose. 

Leigh Allyn and her mama came to visit Tuesday morning from Philadelphia. So good to see them, and I'm hoping next year we can make it to the Fair.

Susu remarked that Duncan had man-sized farts. That's her nursing training coming through! He really does.

And a stop in Madison on our way up I-55 where a gaggle of kids met us chatting "give us the babies! give us the babies!"

Caroline jumped right in. These kiddos were all babies when Chad and Kristen moved into their house. It's been so amazing to watch them grow into such sweet big kids.

Mr. Blackard loves babies and babies loved Mr. Blackard.

Up next our time in the Five Star City!

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