Monday, August 22, 2016

Family Fun at Furman

How beautiful is this picture? Furman University is just a short drive from our house and offers great views of Paris Mountain. The campus is beautiful and this weekend was radiating with a schools-about-to-start kind of energy in the air. It was really contagious and we all left feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another week.

Ryan's been working some long hours this month and we were all so looking forward to his one day off. We decided to skip church and spend the morning enjoying God's great outdoors instead. Ryan and Caroline biked around the trail along the lake and Duncan and I followed with the stroller.

Caroline loves her bike seat! And we finally found a helmet that doesn't swallow her up! 

I had to jog to keep up! 

And then feel behind when I stopped to look at these butterflies. There were tons of them and they were huge. 

We'd packed a lunch for Caroline and then bought sandwiches in the student center.

Wonder what Duncan is thinking here? Caroline's first instinct is to smile, Duncan's is worry about whether that thing is about to fall on his head! 

But he did like pretending he was Simba...

Love my little family!

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