Monday, August 1, 2016

Birthday Bliss

Caroline and Duncan must have both gotten the memo that it was my birthday on Saturday and slept until after 8 a.m. for the first time ever! I turned 33 and while I was completely unhinged about turning 30, this birthday seems just right. Ryan had the weekend off and we had a low-key, but absolutely wonderful, weekend.

Arms full of love right here! Friday night our sweet friend Jennie offered to babysit so Ryan and I could go out. We tried a new restaurant, Brazwells Pub, and started off with fried pickles which always make me think fondly of freshman orientation at Ole Miss and trying them for the first time at Ajex. Afterwards, we caught a show at the Comedy Zone. The performer, Spanky Brown, was from Memphis and was very funny. Which was great except that my abs were still sore from barre that morning and it hurt to laugh! Ryan volunteered to get up with Duncan all night and I got a great nights sleep.

Saturday morning Ryan cooked me breakfast in bed (he's a keeper!) with unlimited bacon. Every time I looked up he'd put more bacon on my plate. And after naps we walked around the West End and then went to Pour Taproom. There's a long line of self-serve taps with craft beer and wine. You scan a bracelet they give you at each tap and then help yourself. It would be way to easy to run up a large tab! Probably more of a nighttime venue, but it was practically empty and Caroline had so much fun bouncing on the leather sofas.

Later on we went to Barnes & Noble and I got Liane Moriarty's new book, Truly Madely Guilty. I haven't started it yet but know I'm going to be completely worthless once I do until it's finished! 

Caroline loved the train table although she kept trying to take off with the trains!

And the Lego table was fun as well. Duncan's looking like he wants to jump in and play!

Sunday afternoon we went to Julia & Eric's neighborhood pool. It was Duncan's 12 week birthday and first time in the pool. 

And nothing like the pool for good afternoon naps! Thirty-three has a lot to live up to to beat this past year! 

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