Saturday, August 20, 2016

5 for Friday

Actually, it's now Saturday but I tried all day yesterday to get back to the blog and finish this 5 for Friday...

1. Sarah Hunt and her mom stopped by this week on their way back to Florida from a weekend in Asheville. She and I became friends immediately on the 6th floor of Martin our freshman year (and these Ole Miss freshmen made national news this week for their Martin decorations)! Our rooms were not that elaborate!

We picked right up like we had lunch yesterday at the Tri Delt house. I'm hoping we can plan a trip soon to see her in Florida.

2. On Thursday Caroline wasn't too happy about being left in the gym nursery. When I went back to pick them up, Ms. Mary told me that Caroline was only happy if she was playing right by her brother. My heart about exploded (and not from the cardio I'd just finished!).

Also, the day before, Duncan made quite a name for himself by having the largest blowout of his life in the same nursery. They paged me out of my class. When I got to the nursery, they'd recruited one of the personal trainers to clean up the mess. I'm sure he was think this is definitely not in my job description but was really nice about it. We brought thank-you muffins the next day!

3. We have LOVED the Olympics in this house. Especially the equestrian and synchronized swimming events. Practicing for a future Olympian...she's already got great balance!

4. Consider this my attempt to keep it real on this little blog less anyone think I have it all together.   Upstairs is a mess. I'm attempting to organize it. Again. It gets cleaned up for company and then slowly creeps back to it's natural state of total disorder. The problem is we need it to function as an office, guest room and closet for me. Plus, I'd like to create a play area for the kiddos. Remember the show Trading Spaces? That's what I need. Anyone with creative ideas, please comment below!

The "before" picture. Stay tuned for the "after" (but don't hold your breath!). 

5. We are so close to having a walker around here. Scout is not too sure what to think about Caroline's new moves.

Happy weekend, friends! Ryan is working today so we are laying low with big plans to watch the Olympics and maybe venture downtown if the weather (and naptimes) cooperates. 

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