Friday, August 5, 2016

5 for Friday

It's been awhile since I've done a 5 for Friday so here goes...

1. It's been hot. Scout joined us for a walk one day and was so glad to cool off inside. 

2. Duncan has the sweetest smiles. His eyes are the color of milk chocolate and I could just eat him up. 

3. Caroline's first visit to the splash pad downtown with Mississippi friends. We're so excited that the Hendrix family has moved here for a year-long ortho fellowship. Leah and I first met in junior high through Methodist youth activities and have run across each other ever since. My friends from big cities like Chicago can't fathom that everyone who lives in Greenville from Mississippi seems to know each other. It's more like one-or-two degrees separation in the Magnolia State!

4. I'm cooking again! At least occasionally. Oliver gave Ryan a huge bottle of The Pepper Plant sauce. I marinated two chicken breasts in the sauce and then stir-fried with orange and yellow peppers and onions. We had it the first night served in warm tortillas and then I made lettuce wraps with the leftovers for lunch. 

5. TRX is insanely hard. I could hardly see from the sweat in my eyes, and I am, by far, the worst one in this class. I'm glad the camera didn't catch me taking one of my many, mini-breaks. And I couldn't use the Bosu half-ball that everyone else is balancing on. Doing a plank with my feet suspended in the air is enough without balancing my upper half on a ball! The best news is that Caroline had a blast in the gym's nursery and didn't want to leave.

Caroline, Duncan and I are taking our first mama and babies road trip later this morning across four states! I'm looking forward to a baby shower for Laura and Baby Givens (due in a month!) and getting to introduce C and D to so many of our loved ones. Ryan is so disappointed he's not going with us, but I've left him a couple of "ideas" of things he can accomplish while he's home alone. He was really excited to see my list (insert eye-rolling emoji!). Prayers greatly appreciated for safe - and drama free - travel!

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