Monday, August 22, 2016

11 Months

How in the world is Caroline already 11 months old? Last year at this time I was fretting over our profile book and if our pictures and words portrayed the kind of family we intended to create. I was praying for the baby that would become ours and for a sense of peace for the birth parents that would surely be struggling with such a decision. Little did I know that God had big plans that were literally just right around the corner!

And now that tiny baby is trying to walk, has three teeth (and one more almost visible!) and is the most joyful little girl who is always on the go.

Her pajamas say, "You Make Me Smile." Yes, you do, my dear!

Caroline turned 11 months on Friday. This age and stage is so fun. She's is so close to walking and walk circles around the coffee table and the sofa. She can stand without holding onto anything and it catches me off guard when I walk into the room to see her standing up. Then she plops back down and does her adorable sand crab style crawl to wherever she wants to go.

Caroline' newest "skill" is taking things out. I've been trying to reorganize my room and quickly discovered I needed to wait until my little helper was napping. See video below...Taking the books off the bookshelf in the nursery is also a favorite activity. Now we just need to learn how to put them back!

She's close to talking and has "dada" down pat. She said "mama" very clearly, once, while looking for me. She'll repeat things we say like "dun-kin" and I also believe she said "gra-dada" when we were in Senatobia to my dad. She's very vocal and loud and can get her point across with little grunts and shrieks.

She's become a very adventurous eater and especially likes food off my plate. In the last two weeks she's had pepperoni pizza, meatloaf and chicken nuggets. She's still getting some pureed vegetables but mostly softened things she can pick up like sweet potato balls, green beans and carrots. We tried giving her tiny bits of broccoli and she didn't like the texture. Breakfast is still a banana and that along with sweet potatoes seem to be her favorite flavors.

This sweet girl wakes up with a smile on her face. She gets so excited when she sees her bottle and, even though she can hold it on her own, we snuggle up for at least the first and last bottles of the day. It's my favorite part of the day. She eating 6 ounces (or 8 oz if she hasn't eaten much food) at 7 a.m., Noon, 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. She's still taking a morning nap for about an hour and a half and then a two hour one in the early afternoon.

Bathtime may be her favorite part of the day.

She can entertain herself but also loves it when friends come over to play. We had fun with Lillie last week.

I apologize in advance for the sappy, sentimental posts that may pop up in the next month! I just cannot believe we are about to have a one year old!

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