Sunday, July 3, 2016

Welcome Parties, Pendleton & Pace's Porch

This past week was a huge milestone for us. Ryan marked the half-way point of residency and wrapped up Year 2 on Thursday. We were all ready to say farewell to Peds Wards. It's one of the hardest rotations (you do it twice and he was on the first Peds Wards rotation when Caroline was born and the second right after Duncan). I'm so proud of how hard he's worked - both at the hospital and at home! He routinely takes the "first shift" with Duncan in the middle of the night!  

Some high lights from the week...

Little Man moved up to size 1 diapers and three month pajamas. He's outgrown the newborn ones in length but not width. He definitely has my bird legs! On Sunday he turns 8 weeks old and this past week he started rolling over from front to back. 

I love a hot, summer day. We walked part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail with Julie.

It was bright!

Tuesday night we had the Med-Peds welcome party for the new interns.

My cousin, Meg, sent Duncan and Caroline coordinating seersucker outfits. It was our first time to match! And our friend, Sen, from India, was the only one person who noticed - he pointed it out to Ryan (who asked me if I meant to do that - men!). 

Thursday I had to go to the little town of Pendleton for my Junior League project. It was our longest car trip to date and Caroline and Duncan did great. After we finished my project we checked out the square. It's one of the oldest settlements in South Carolina and has a really cute downtown.

The Village Bakery was full of tasty treats. We ordered a chocolate croissant and and then had to get more to-go. 

Pace had us over Thursday evening to meet her nephew, Woods. He's two months older than Duncan. 

Happy 4th!

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