Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Two Months with Little Man

Duncan turned two months old last week! I just cannot believe it. He's definitely "woken up" and now is awake more than asleep during the day. He's starting to smile and it just melts my heart. He does a little one-sided smile just like his daddy.

Have you ever seen such cuteness?

He loves the light and ceiling fan in the living room. He's constantly looking around for Caroline and gets this panicked expression on his face when he hears her pounding on the floor crawling towards him.  He nurses and takes a bottle and consistently will sleep for a five hour stretch at night. 

Treasuring a few quite moments during sister's nap time by reading "Cowboy Smalls." He's moved up to size three month pajamas because his legs are so long and size one diapers. The pajamas are baggy, but the arms are getting short. 

Not crazy about bath time, but hoping that will change soon!

He has also survived his first sickness (blaming that one on the germs Caroline picked up in the church nursery). Poor little fella was just miserable for days. I joke that Duncan may look like me, but he has Ryan's digestive system. This little man can stink up the room like a full grown man.

His other new big skill is rolling over. He started doing this right before eight weeks.

Stats from his two month check up:

10 pounds 1.5 ounces
39.5 cm head circumference 
22.5 inches 

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