Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The 4th (and 3rd!) of July

Caroline and Duncan got to share their first "first" holiday over the weekend! We celebrated Independence Day on the third and forth with some great family time and friend time. Ryan was off for the long weekend and it was so nice! I love a minor holiday where there's no pressure to do anything specific.

We've discovered that packing us all up for a evening at a friend's house is just about as much work as going out of town! We had the pac 'n play, Moses basket, pajamas, extra outfits, supper for Caroline, bottles for both and then the normal diaper bag. Not to mention the cooler, ice cream makers (yes, Ryan needed to take two) and food we were taking.

But we had a great time! Caroline just amazes us with being so independent and so mobile. She was in a new place and just took off. 

Caroline went to bed before the ice cream and fireworks started, but Duncan stayed up to enjoy. He didn't freak out like I expected with the noise! Caroline slept right through fireworks going off outside the window where she was snoozing away. Amazing!

Monday morning I vacated the house so that Ryan could work on a project for a conference. My Side by Side group met at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery for breakfast and then a walk. 

Caroline and Lillie were actually having a good time. They just both look grumpy here! We napped and rested and then at the end of the day put on our most Forth themed clothing and thought about going to our neighborhood parade and cookout. But then I discovered it didn't get started until 7 p.m. and decided it wasn't worth a late bedtime! So we had our own little celebration!

Have you ever seen such eyebrow expression in a baby?

Starting off with a bike ride for Ryan and Caroline. His Father's Day gift was a baby bike seat. The original one I got didn't fit on his Trek bike, but I finally found a Topeak one that fits (it was also twice as expensive but seems much sturdier/safer so I'm focusing on that aspect and hoping Ryan doesn't look at the credit card bill too closely! Obviously, he doesn't read my blog!). 

And then had some fun with sparklers in the front yard...

I can't believe that summer is halfway over and, as Net says, it'll be Christmas next week!

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Joy said...

Your family is just so adorable, Kara! Love your pictures!