Monday, July 11, 2016

Sweet as Sweet Tea

We spent the weekend relapsing and then slowly recovering from this terrible GI bug that just won't die! During my walk on Saturday morning I was wallowing in a little self pity thinking about how much I missed my family and wishing I could speed up time to get to our beach vacation later this month. Then somehow my mind jumped to food and I remembered McAlisters! When we moved here we decided the first time we were homesick for Mississippi, we'd head there. Well it's taken two years, but we went for lunch on Saturday and loved every bite. It was the perfect "fix" for home!

Caroline sporting her FIRST bow!

And a video of the face she'd make after each sip...

I don't think this is the intended use of the bread bowl.

Saturday afternoon I left for an hour to get a pedicure. When I came home everybody was crying and Ryan ran out the door to play tennis (and didn't return until after bedtime the stinker). Anyway, I put everyone outside on the porch and it calmed both of them down. 

We had a rough few nights with Duncan as this his version of the GI bug has involved constipation. He was obviously in a lot pain. He wanted to be held all night and wouldn't calm down until 2 a.m. And then Caroline woke up screaming around 3 a.m. and couldn't get back settled until after 4 a.m. So needless to say, we were all tired by Sunday. We watched Wimbleton (yay for Andy Murray!) and then went to the mall. In Macy's the prune juice we'd given Duncan finally worked its magic. We probably caused a near panic as people tried to get away from the smell. Ryan and I high-fived and celebrated by getting Chinese food for supper. He slept so much better Sunday night so hopefully we are all now truly on the mend. 

And last week before the bug hit...

Julia invited me to bring Caroline and Duncan to her neighborhood pool. Caroline loved it! As I knew she would. Next year we'll have to get a membership somewhere. It just doesn't feel like summer until you smell like chlorine and sunscreen. 

Duncan chilled out in the shade with his fan. He slept the entire time. 

Loving the float...

And owning the baby pool...

I finally attempted to take them both to the grocery store and got this adorable picture. Duncan was freaking out about being in the shopping cart and Caroline kept turning around to look at him like, "Brother this is fun. This is Bi-Lo." He didn't believe her and thus will not be going back to the store anytime soon!

We're off to the doctor this morning for two month and nine month check-ups. So I'm expecting a few tears from all three of us before we're done. Wish me luck!

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