Monday, July 25, 2016

Our Family Vacation: Edisto Island

We got home early afternoon yesterday from the most wonderful, relaxing week at Edisto Island with my family. Edisto will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where we told everyone we were officially adopting last summer, and we spent part of the week filling out the massive amounts of paperwork required for our home study. We would have never imagined that within two months we'd be holding the most adorable baby girl and be expecting! And one year later we'd be back with two precious babies! God's timing in truly perfect! And if I go on any more about it, I'll cry so moving on to photos. As you might imagine, I took about a zillion photos and thought I'd share a few of my favorites...

A friend suggested these wide-brimmed iPlay hats and they were wonderful! There's a head piece that tightens and so they really stayed on well in the wind.

The weather looked ominous Sunday afternoon. It was storming and the forecast looked like rain for most of the week. Fortunately, it rained once or twice but moved away quickly! Monday morning dawned bright and sunny.

Edisto Island is mainly made up of palmetto trees, live oaks, Spanish moss and sandy roads. Only the two main roads are paved. There are more golf carts than cars and the average age of residents is 75. There's one grocery store and two coffee shops. And a handful of trinket type souvenir shops. 

There's lots of wildlife. I've never seen so many flocks of pelicans. They were everywhere. 

Ready for the beach! Caroline had just figured out that if mama has the camera then who exactly is holding me??? (She decided that Sissy is just as good!).

We fell into a wonderful pattern of hitting the beach right after her morning nap and having her lunch and bottle on the beach. Then back inside for afternoon nap and then back to the beach again. 

Duncan didn't see much of the beach. He and Net stayed inside and then would come out in the late afternoon. It suited both of them perfectly!

Caroline could hold her own with her cousins. Elizabeth Magee cracked me up by calling Caroline "girl" all week long. She'd say, "come over her girl" or "good girl." It was hilarious. Caroline quickly figured out that Mary Thorne was the fun one and would crawl over to her as soon as she woke up! Poppy was a little more reserved but so sweet to her!

The beach was just beautiful. And the water perfect. We didn't see any jellyfish. 

Ryan's name could be "funcle" because he is one fun uncle. He had more activities for all of us including: kites, bocce ball, Frisbee, baseball, shovels (plastic for the girls and a real one for himself), bubbles and water balloons. 

We spent lots of time in the water. Caroline loved it and didn't get upset when a wave washed right over us. Although I tried to prevent that as much as possible! Elizabeth Magee stayed in the water 90% of the time.

We ate really well. Edisto is not the place the to go if you want to eat out every night. There are a handful of restaurants, but with a house full of cooks, we ate in all but the last night. Net made us gumbo, Oliver made several varieties of ice cream, Ryan grilled hamburgers for lunch one day, Mom and Dad cooked fish, crabs and shrimp, I made cheese grits and shrimp and Sis made EM's favorite monkey bread. We were not hungry!

Happy girl! Caroline's third tooth (and first on the top) came in while we were there.

Each afternoon while Caroline napped we turned on a Disney movie for the girls. Turned out that Ryan and Net liked them just as much (if not more!). We watched The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Tangled. 

And there was lots of coloring. Mary Thorne wanted Frank to draw her whole family chewing bubble gum. He's quite talented!

Hanging out on the porch at the end of the day! Caroline loves her daddy!

Late night beach walking. There was a crowd of people watching a turtle's next that was giving all the signs of hatching. Sis, Oliver and EM stayed to watch and saw 113 baby turtles make their way from the nest down to the water!

EM's goal for the week was to get Siggi and Frank alone as much as possible.

Frank told the girls he lost an eye. 

The guys (minus Duncan!) went fishing one morning and caught whiting fish and a couple of sharks. They tossed the sharks, but fried the whiting. 

Duncan prefers to hang out on the towel with a margarita!

Family selfie!

Ryan and I had a date night one evening and went to The Old Post Office Restaurant and then out for ice cream. It was so nice!

Ryan is the type of person that can't just sit on the beach and read. He needs activities. One afternoon he surprised Sis with a water balloon fight. Turns out that she's a better aim. His balloon bounced right off her and she hit him back with it. It left a whelp! But all's fair in love and war. I love how Mary Thorne is running towards the danger in this picture. She has no idea what's happening yet, but she's running towards it anyway.

EM and MT caught on fast!

These two cuddled all week. Duncan's going to have a time adjusting to Net not holding him all day long!

The next day the water balloons were back. Oliver got me good! 

Caroline noticed the tent next to ours had a pool. She was off to explore!

Ryan, Sis and I all have birthdays coming up. Mom made us a cake. Chocolate of course!

I snapped this picture as we were loading the cars. MT is upset that she was asked to hold Duncan. They all can't get enough of Caroline, but aren't into boys at all. Although Sis told me when they got home she asked for her boy baby doll!

We stopped at Newk's in Columbia on the way home. I can't go by one without getting a pimento cheese sandwich! It was such a fabulous week and we miss it (and our people!) already. 

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