Friday, July 8, 2016

In sickness and health

We have all four been knocked out by the stomach bug this week! It's just been awful. I'm blaming the nursery from church on Sunday. In her usual style, Caroline handled having the stomach bug by hardly breaking her smile. I was not as gracious. And poor Duncan just looked miserable. Seeing your eight week throw up is just terrible. Ryan was the last to go down,but may have fallen the hardest (plus he was at work which makes it so much worse!).

Thankfully, the night I felt the worst Ryan was home and able to take care of everyone. I went to bed two minutes after he got home on Wednesday and didn't move until he had to leave Thursday morning. A sweet friend brought me lunch on Thursday and a Coke has never tasted better!

But we are all on the mend and looking forward to a weekend to relax and make the house not smell like Clorex (but Clorex smells better than the alternative!). And tackling the laundry (see above photo).

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