Friday, July 15, 2016

In the Garden

I haven't put nearly the effort into the yard and garden as in past years, but despite my neglect, everything seems to be doing okay! The sunflowers and hydrangeas are done blooming, but other things are just getting started...

The grapes are starting to turn purple. My neighbor has decided he and I are going to try and make some wine. I'm sure we won't be winning any taste testings, but I'm excited to try!

And the first tomato has turned red and is sitting on my kitchen counter. By my calculations it's about a $50 tomato. 

Jalapeno peppers ready to be picked...

And these just need to turn red.

One morning I went out to find Pepe had sat on my little rabbit guard fence and crushed it. I'm hoping the cherry tomato plant isn't permanently damaged! Grrr!

In the front yard, the lilies are blooming and putting on quite a show...

And I have no idea what kind of plant this is but I spotted it on my walk the other day. Anyone have a clue?

Happy Friday!

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