Sunday, July 3, 2016

Great Charity Challenge

Friday evening I convinced Ryan we needed to take everyone to Tryon to the International Equestrian Center for some FFF (free family fun). The inaugural Great Charity Challenge of the Carolinas was taking place and it sounded too good to miss. In other words, it was worth messing up bedtime!

Caroline's first carousel ride! She wasn't quite sure what to think but gave me a big smile when it was over. 

I am no good at selfies but at least I got us all in the same picture! The theme for the night was superheors and all the riders were all dressed up in caps and costumes. The crowd was encouraged to dress up as well. Duncan's bib says 'superhero in training.'

We haven't been to Tryon since the summer we moved here (you can see pictures here). The complex is only 40% complete. And it's huge now. There's still a resort hotel and spa to build and a polo field. The cross-country course should be open this fall. 

Caroline was too little for the pony rides so we settled for petting a pony. I wish I could stick this guy in the back of my car. He'd look adorable in the backyard! (Ryan lives in fear that he's going to come home to a pony in the backyard. He knows its just a matter of time!). There was also a horse shaped bouncy castle. 

Caroline clapped along with the crowd for all the riders. She got so excited!

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