Wednesday, July 27, 2016

10 Months of Joy

Caroline turned 10 months last week when we were at the beach. She's quickly approaching one year and this mama can hardly handle the thought! How has time flown by so quickly? At each stage I think this is my favorite stage yet. Each day seems to bring a new skill - constantly reminding me that babies don't keep!

At 10 months Caroline remains a complete joy and is joyful almost all the time...

Look at this smile! Caroline is a mama's girl to the fullest. And, just like her mama, she LOVED the beach. It took a minute to get used to the sand but, once she did, there was no stopping her.

Waving and clapping are two favorite skills. Anytime Caroline hears Patty Cake she starts clapping away. It's not quite visible in pictures, but last week tooth #3 broke through her upper gums and the one next to it is not far behind. My mom spotted it when they were playing in the sand. 

And the biggest news is that she is taking small steps while holding onto furniture. Her first steps came at the beach (another reason to love Edisto!). She had to keep up with her big cousins! Of course, as soon as she sees my camera for a video she plops down and starts smiling!  

Caroline loves other children and had an absolute blast with her cousins. She started looking for them as soon as she woke up each morning. She quickly figured out that Mary Thorne is the fun one! Although Mary Thorne didn't quite grasp that Caroline couldn't do all that she could. At one point Mary Thorne squatted down, looked Caroline directly in the eye, and said, "Caroline, where is Aunt Sis?"

Not only is she on the move, she's also a bit mischievous!

Caroline has claimed the fireplace as her clubhouse. One afternoon I was nursing Duncan and she grabbed his paci and my sunglasses off the coffee table and went to her favorite spot. She was so proud of herself! Little stinker! 

She has a little pair of shoes that we've only worn a couple of time.

And she totally loves any type of water - the bathtub, the kiddie pool, the ocean or the swimming pool. I see swim lessons in our near future. She's so brave and it makes me so nervous!

On the sleeping front, Caroline's continued to take really good naps. Her morning nap has gotten longer and she'll sleep 1.5 to 2 hours. And usually 2 hours in the afternoon. She went through a two week period where night terrors were almost a nightly occurrence. They seemed to correlate to the more mobile skills and the new tooth. Hopefully we are over these for the time being! 

Caroline loves Duncan and the two of them are starting to interact more. She loves to pet his head (and is usually gentle) and borrows his paci. He gives her the biggest smiles and is always watching what she's doing! He does get a panicked look on his face if he's on the floor and he hears her coming towards him.

Also, like her mama, Caroline loves reading and she's usually flipping through a book in her crib when I walk in after naptime. She's starting turning the pages in picture books. All of a sudden one night she reached over and turned the page. I about fell out of the rocker! She alternates using her right and left hands so the jury is still out whether you'll be a right hander or left (I'm hoping for ambidextrous!). Her favorite book at the moment is a small Bear and Bunny Night Night book. We read it before each nap. 

Ryan says she's saying "dada" I think it's more just repeating what he's saying, but I'll give it to him! One afternoon at the beach she snuggled with him for her entire nap period. This hasn't happened since she was tiny, and he soaked up every second. Even asked me to take a picture!

The countdown to one is upon us! 

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